Health Benefits – Humming a Tune Under Your Breath

There she goes again! Your best friend has been humming that peculiar song for the past week and she doesn’t seem to get enough of it! The neighbors have started recognizing her by the song she hums all the time. Sometimes it drives you crazy, but at other occasions you find yourself guilty of humming the same song.

Sounds familiar? Well, humming a tune surprisingly can lead to several benefits. Here are some of them:

Boosts memoryRepeatedly humming the same tune, lets the person memorize the song quicker. This is possible as the music is sung as well as heard by the person that ingrains the song in his mind.

Changes the moodThe people who have the habit of humming have better chances of dealing with quarrels and easily able to relax themselves while humming a tune. Needless to say, these people are able to control work-related stress more successfully than others.

Carefree personGenerally these people tend to have a carefree attitude towards life. They are less prone to depressions, personality issues and are able to manage their emotions in a balanced way.

Clears the voice and makes it melodiousAnother positive point about this habit is that humming, which is almost like a practice before the final show, helps in getting the vocal cords clear. It also teaches the importance of intonation while speaking or singing and makes the voice pleasant and melodious to listen to.

Improves concentration While humming something beautiful happens without anyone realizing it! The singer is so absorbed in the work and the music that he is living in the present and not worrying about being anywhere else in the world! The person is so focused in enjoying the moment that he is not bothered about other distracting things.

Difficult tasks become easy Humming a tune also symbolizes that the person likes whatever work he is engaged in. Consequently, even the toughest task comes naturally to him.

Humming a tune can be irritating at times, but it is one of the few things that are good to be contagious.