Health and Wellness in Recession – Don’t Stop Taking Care of Yourself

Look to Health and Wellness in Recession

Focusing on health and wellness during stressful times is important. Those of you who read my blog know that I am always preaching prevention and following a healthy lifestyle. There is no better way to have good health than following a simple, therapeutic lifestyle program like my Healing with Lifestyle program. Good health is really a simple as 3 things. 1) Eat a good diet 2) Get 30 minutes of exercise per day 3) Have a positive attitude. Staying healthy is not hard, but it does take some effort on your part. I hope that you will make the effort. If you need help, please get in touch with me.

Never Let Your Health Go Into Recession

Having good health is never in a recession. In fact, it is times like this when we need to guard of health even more than usual. The simple reason is stress. When our bodies are under stress lots of negative chemical reactions occur, ultimately destroying our gut health. I know it’s hard to believe that our gut health plays such an important role in our health, and even more surprising to learn that stress kills the good bacteria in our gut which we need for a strong immune system. I realize that money can be tight and the thought of spending money on supplements may seem unimportant, but during times like now, it is even more important. If your health takes a dive, it adds even more stress to a stressful time. Please heed this advice and it will make a difference to your health and life.

Tend to Your Spiritual and Emotional Health

Mind/Body medicine is quickly coming to the forefront of mainstream medical studies as our Western scientists learn that the well-being of the spirit has as much of a role in healing as the biochemical and structural integrity of the body. Many of my patients routinely schedule “talk time” as a way to vent their problems. Simply talking to someone can make a big difference in the way you feel. I am not talking about therapy. This is life coaching. If you feel the need to talk with some one who has a balanced perspective on life, a deeply spiritual practice where mind, body and spirit are fundamental to good health, please get in touch with me.

Fulfill your Purpose in This World

Living as an example of what we believe in most deeply will support our emotional and spiritual health. When we become the change we wish to see in this world, and make a difference where we can in our lives, we can feel more at peace with those things we cannot change. (“Be the changes you wish to see in this world”…Gandhi). By changing and becoming an example, we can change our little world, and as we teach and inspire others, we can help to change the world, or that the very least one person. Having a purpose helps to fulfill the highest need. A sense of purpose in our lives is at the heart of our very souls.

It is my sincerest wish for all you to enjoy a happy, healthy and fruitful life. Please take your health seriously and you will benefit greatly during these stressful times.

Warm Wishes.