Health and Fitness – Obesity

There are different causes of obesity. The immediate cause is imbalance in food consumption. When you consume more usable calories than you discard as waste, there is bound to be excess. Family genes (inheritance) and our environment also contribute to obesity.

Stomach (central) obesity is caused by overeating and a carefree lifestyle. Here people eat and drink as they like without control. Hence the side effect of some drug can cause obesity

stomach obesity has higher risk of heart diseases, diabetes mellitus and hypertension among others

There are difference in the ways that fat are stored in the peoples. In women, the female sex hormone causes fat to be stored in the buttocks, thighs and hips. The sex hormone of men let the fat to be stored in their belly. When women get to menopause, the estrogen produced by their ovaries declines, what happen is that fat migrate from their buttocks, thighs and hips to their waists; but latter, fat is stored in the belly

The people who has pot belly are often classified as those that are well fed in some country or city. They are conspicuous around, in the street, along the road, in the school in the party just name it. Some of these people find themselves in the situation they met themselves, some cause their situation to be as it is, while some do not know why they are in such situation.

Whatsoever situation you find yourself, you want to lose that weight, and a solution to that is at your door step.

The first solution is that you need aerobic exercise, male or a female.

The second solution is that you need a healthy diet that can prevent general obesity These two methods is the genuine way to prevent obesity.

There is a common confusion: that spot exercise, that is, exercising a specific muscle or location of the body can effectively burns fat at the desired location, but this is not true. Spot exercise is beneficial for building specific muscles, but it has little effect on fat in that area of the body, or on the body’s distribution of fat.

There are general view that those that drink a lot of beer develop pot belly. And those that does not drink beer may have little risk of developing it. Finally, the causes of obesity is either constant overeating, hereditary or carelessness.