Healing Ulcers and Colitis Naturally

Ulcers are painful and debilitating conditions that silently affect thousands. Ulcers can cause pain anytime of the day with no forewarning or trigger. The pain can start as a gnawing feeling and ever exacerbate to a burning sensation making eating agonizing. The pain may come and go and effect sleep and everyday life.

Health is the processes of elimination and nutrition working cohesively. Health is perfect harmony within the body; perfect elimination of waste and, the building and functioning of cells. When neither of these processes is altered or hindered, illness is the result.

How Ulcer Develop

Diseases are an insidious process and consist of several stages. The first stage is the weakening of the nervous system that controls the processes of nutrition and elimination. When these processes are weakened the conversion of raw materials to living structure are hindered and the elimination of cellular waste is checked.

The waste that is produced within the body is toxic. When these toxins accumulate, cells are weakened, congested, and damaged. This leads to irritation of the tissue and ever inflammation. The inflammatory process is a self-healing mechanism where an increase of fluid is sent to the area in an attempt to remove waste and repair cell damage.

Inflammation becomes chronic when waste is stagnant due to poor elimination. When waste is not removed it continues to wreak havoc on the cells, creating ulceration of the tissue. If the ulcer heals without proper elimination of waste, a weak form of tissue develops that is more prone to the development of chronic disease.

Anything that weakens the nervous system and inhibits elimination may cause the development of ulceration. This may include any lifestyle habit, environment, medication, and / or stress. The cause is always chronic and perpetual.

The Stress Factor

Stress is a healthy and natural process that is meant to enable our bodies with the power and strength needed to save our lives during life-threatening situations. During the stress process blood is rushed to the muscles in the arms and legs, hormones are released to give the extra needed strength and energy, and digestion and elimination come to a complete halt.

When a person is under chronic stress from worry, fear, or anxiety, the eliminative functions are hindered and waste accumulates. This is often when a person will begin to exhibit ulcer related symptoms.

Food Management

When a person first begins to experience symptoms it is best to rest and water fast for a couple of days followed by simple easy to digest foods. Fasting and resting may difficult to some due to obligations such as work, managing a household, and raising child; in these cases simple to digest foods should be implemented. At times some may find that even easy to digest foods may cause pain, in these cases eliminate these foods and eat those that do not create discomfort. One may also find mono-meals (meals consisting of one food) very beneficial.

Simple to digest foods consist of sub-acid fruits such as bananas, mangoes, grapes, melons, or pears. Fruits are the easiest to digest foods and may provide some relief. If vegetables are consumed one should eat green leafy vegetables and fruit vegetables such as cucumbers, bell peppers, orange or yellow tomatoes, or squashes. Some may even find sweet potatoes bearable.

One should avoid hard digesting foods such as meats, dairy, starches, fried foods, and some of the denser vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, or kale. Anything that may cause irritation to the digestive tract should be avoided at all costs such as spicy foods, cooked tomatoes, barbecue sauces, ketchup, black pepper, mustard, vinegar, oils, and alcohol.

Helpful Herbs

The best herbs for ulceration are slippery elm and marshmallow root. These are best taken in a powder form. Some have found they only need a teaspoon to one tablespoon in water to reap the benefits when taken three to five times a day. These herbs create a texture similar to mucus when wet and coat the lining of the intestines, providing protection while the tissue is able to heal.

These herbs may help to eliminate the pain but they still do not address the cause. They should be implemented with a cellular detoxification program, to assist the body in healing and preventing any further tissue damage that may lead to worsening illnesses in the future. The suppression of symptoms without the removal of cause is a recipe for disaster in the near or distant future. The body is only capable of healing when the required elements of health are provided and the cause has been removed.