Healing Peace


Insanity! My darling, my Kitty, My Peace, was in pain, and we had no way to help. He could not urinate, and his stomach had bloated. Nothing ateen would stay down. All through the night he would scratch in the litter box and sometimes vomit bile while there. Oh, what could I do ?! My sweetheart, my friend, violently pained into weakness, and all I could do watch.

Panic! Early morning, I heard the sound. A growling mew. Startled, my eyes shot open. What a sound, what a horrible sound, it is when someone dear groans in pain. Sweet, patient Peace, had become worse, his discomfort was escalating. He grew again, this time I saw it was accompanied with a rippling spasm. Could I afford a vet? No choice! Find the phone book now!

There, a place specialized for cats. I had to get him there, but how, with the car not working? I called my daughter and son-in-law. Waiting and waiting with no answer, but at last there was a response. I had called the vet and it turned out that my daughter had called the same vet. My son-in-law was soon there and we had to move Peace.

We hurried him into the waiting room. Peace's expression revealed so much. He hurt so badly.

Hope! We were seen into an examination room, where a doctor lightly examined him. "Catheter" she said, "Overnight stay" "We'll show you the estimate first"

"Why were not they doing anything?" I thought. "He needs help now."

More waiting. It was hard to look at Peace without teasing up. This creature that trusts me, who I am absolutely powerless to help, is getting worse, while they go to talk numbers!

Finally, she came back. "Around …" she said.

Despair! How can it be! "I can not afford that" I said.

"Oh," she said, "Then the only thing I can do is suggest you find some place that is cheaper."

Peace moaned and rolled over. A second away from tear we left after my son-in-law paid for the 'exam' and then left the clinic.

"Now what?" I surprised, and then I did start to cry.

But my son-in-law had been calling my daughter while was in the clinic and my daughter had called another vet. The appointment was within a very short time.

On the way there I thought for a minute that Peace had become comatose.

"Oh no!" I thought "How could I have let this happen to him?"

At last we got to the clinic. We went in and got into an examination room.

Waiting. Tense, and somewhat nauseated from what was happening to Peace. I answered the questions put to me concerning how long the condition had been going on.

The doctor will be in a minute. She's seeing other patients and is fitting Peace in. "

The doctor came. Do I dare hops she will help where the others could not? Would my Peace still be alive at the end of the day? The doctor explained that there had to a long procedure (the one described by the first clinic). If there had only been a partial blockage, she could have gone with a more simple procedure. However, my dear Kitty was dealing with a complete blockage.

"I'll get him drained now, he's pretty full. She lifted him gently and cradled him in her arms.

"He sure is a sweet one." She said.

"Yeah he is." I said, nodding my agreement.

Then she left.

A minute later someone came with the one papers, one showing a special dietary food, and another bearing the estimate. I surprised, "Could it be afforded in order to have him completely healed?" The estimate was a lot less and between us all it could have worked out and fortunately so for Peace.