Healing HIV / AIDS, Reaching the World – The Evolution and Promise of Reiki

I recently spoke to a young man, a USA citizen, who was told to "get his affairs in order" as he lay in the hospital with HIV / AIDS. Today, his HIV viral load is undetectable. He had been approached by a Reiki master while lying in the hospital bed. After receiving Reiki treatments, he learned Reiki himself, and is now helping some of the most disadvantaged, angry, and impoverished people in the USA, which includes administering Reiki.

In my home state of Washington State, Reiki is being embroidered by Christian churches. Once disapproved by this establishment, a Washington State church declared they had received new information from God on this topic. They do not call it Reiki, they call it the Holy Spirit, which, through loving intention, they place their hands on those in need, and universal life force, of which some of us simply call, "love," passes into the recipients, some of which are young men getting themselves into trouble with the law and society in general. They report that they have seen it result in everything from miraculous physical cures to the reversal of harsh legal sentences.

A First Nations (aka Indian, Native American) woman who became attuned to Reiki reported that it enhanced all of her other native healing modalities. Reiki did not take away her traditions, but rather, enhanced them.

How is this happening? How can you benefit? As the world evolves and rises above its "us vs. them" separation, Reiki no longer seems to be a strange, exotic anti-Christ method developed by "them" (the Japanese). Rather, its Japanese name of Reiki stuck with it, but it is of the universe, of God, regardless of which one of His / Her people rediscovered it and named it. And, as more and more Reiki is given on earth, the more the earth rises to that higher ability to move from separation and ill-health to Oneness and pure health.

You can both receive Reiki treatments to help yourself rise into this higher plain, but you can also become attuned to give Reiki to yourself and others, even to the earth, plants and animals. Reiki is one of many beautiful healing modalities that works with and opportunities all the others, from herbal remedies to relaxation response therapies to prayer. In Washington State, for example, there are many Reiki "circles" where practitioners give this Loving Energy to each other, as well as teachers who will attune and train you. Although considered by many to be "plan B," there are also methods of self-attunement and distance attunement that can more easily fit into some people's budget and schedule.

(c) 2007 Barbara Adams