Healing Crisis Brings Both Personal and Planetary Growth

It is the nature of the human soul to constantly move forward to into greater challenges, expansion and awareness. Our soul always desires new levels of growth, whether it be here on the physical plane or through the moving into a non-physical reality.

The primary job of the human personality is that of trying to survive in physical form and get our physical and emotional needs met as best we can. Parts of our personality want to change and grow, and other parts of us want to cling to that which has worked for us in the past, even when it is no longer working.

Tension between the parts of us that want to grow and change and the parts that want to remain safe with that which is familiar is responsible for prompting or creating what is known as a 'healing crisis'.

Humanity as a whole is making an evolutionary leap in consciousness right now. This forward movement of the collective consciousness is being experienced as a healing crisis at the planetary level; As well as, at the individual or personal level.

As we evolve and expand our consciousness, both individually and collectively, old forms that were created no longer fit. These old forms must fall apart to create space for expansion and more flexible forms to support us in our new level of consciousness.

It has been my experience, and seems to be the same for others, that initially it takes a personal crisis of some kind to bring about real change and growth in our lives. . . A crisis such as a financial setback, an accident or illness, ending of a relationship, loss of a loved one. You can probably remember how a period of confusion and pain thought about by some event in your life has absolutely led to greater understanding and awareness, or possibly you new and better opportunities.

Sometimes we may be feeling comfortable and content in a pattern that is no longer vital, unaware that our soul. . . Which always welcomes and seeks forward motion. . . Is ready to guide us to a new level. Or, we may be feeling stuck and frustrated, wanting to make a change, but not quite willing or able to do so.

When this happens we unconsciously create some kind of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual crisis that shakes us out of the old and extremely takes us into the new.

These healing crises are always uncomfortable and can often bring us much pain and fear. It can feel as if our entire life is falling apart and our world is in danger of coming to an end. We may feel powerless and empty inside.

Our response to a healing crisis can vary greatly, both according to who we are and in reaction to other influences that may be affecting us at the time.

Fortunately, as we progress in the evolution of our consciousness and gain more understanding of the growth process, we usually do not have to learn through a severe crisis. We pay attention to and learn to respond to the subtler clues that the Universe gives us in telling us that it is time for a change.

Even though it usually becomes easier to surrender to and trust our various growth processes more, it can still be frightening, painful and difficult to some degree. So, we need to always have great compassion for ourselves when experiencing a healing crisis. . . And for others who perhaps are also having this same experience.

In addition to wars through, on a global level we see the healing crisis process in the changing and falling apart of political systems and institutions. All this might not seem very positive at the time it is happening. So, we must always remember that in the evolution of our consciousness, the old and outgrown system or way of being has to fall apart to make room for the new and more expansive and flexible way.

Today we are in the challenging middle stage of a healing crisis on a worldwide level. We are realizing that a lot of things in both our lives and globally no longer work for us. It is time to make changes and let go of the old form of being and doing. . . To begin to be open to what our soul wants and needs for it's growth and to help continue the evolution of consciousness in humanity!

So, you may ask. . . 'How do we do this'? 'How do we create real and positive change for ourselves and in our world'?

The simple answer to these questions is this. . . We change the world most effectively by changing our own consciousness through our own growth and transformation. We do this by changing the way we think. We do this by raising our energy vibration so that we can attract like and positive energy to us, as we project positive energy to others.

Remember, each one of us is an integral part of the collective consciousness, and at an energy level we are all connected. We each have a subtle, yet powerful, effect on those with what we come in contact and on the collective mass consciousness. When we as individuals grow in consciousness, the mass consciousness begins to shift accordingly.

The following quote which has been attributed to Mohandas Gandhi says it well: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world!"