Healing Cold Sore – Naturally

You must have experienced those ugly cold shores that completely ruin your day. These disgusting blisters can be a real trouble if they appear right before some events like wedding, a party or some holiday trips. Once caught with this blisters people normally are worried if the sores will appear again and again. In this article we will discuss some ways that can heal your cold sores naturally.

There are many drugs and lotions available in the market that claims to cure your cold sores but very few of them meet their claim. You will not disagree when I say that most of those drugs are nothing but garbage. They work for a few days and your blisters will appear again in different part of your body. Leaving these OTC products behind, it’s time to move on to something that really works. It’s time to move on to natural ways to treat your blisters.

When people hear natural ways of treatment they doubt its effectiveness and you might as well do this. If you think the natural ways of cold sore treatment are not effective then I must say you are wrong about it. These home treatment of cold sores are really simple and do not cause any type of side effects.

Now we will discuss few very simple yet highly effective ways to treat cold sores without any extra expenses. Read these points and follow them, I am sure you will see positive effects in no time.

• Change your toothbrush:

Your old toothbrush carries viruses and bacteria that cause the sores. If you are currently affected by the blisters then you need to change your brush immediately. Don’t even keep the brush in your bathroom. Moisture helps increment of the virus in your brush.

• Do not cover your blisters:

Yes its looks disgusting but do not cover your blisters under thick makeup. It’s a very bad idea. This will worsen the blisters. All you need to do is keep the blisters clean and dry. You can use a clean cotton cloth to do so.

• Increase your Lysine diet:

Lysine is a kind of amino acid that helps our body to boost up our immune system. With stronger immune system you will need minimal help of the external medicines and drugs to heal your sores.

Regular foods like soy, egg, mean and fish has the sufficient amount of lysine you need to fight off the viruses that cause the blisters on your skin. On the other hand lysine lotions can help you get rid of the blisters. Just apply the lotion on the infected parts of your skin and you will be alright.

• Avoid argentine:

During the infection you have to avoid some foods that help your blisters to bloom. Foods like cola, peas, peanuts and gelatin has a type of amino acid called argentine that acts exactly opposite to the lysine amino acid. Argentine actually reduces the amount of lysine in our body which helps the cold sore to grow rapidly and doesn’t let your body heal the sore easily.

• Continue with your regular diet and regular exercises:

Regular exercise and natural diet helps boosting metabolic process in your body. That means your immune system keeps on growing stronger too. A fit and healthy body is the strongest defense against the cold sores and blisters. Daily exercises like swimming, biking, jogging can really help you to do away with cold sores and blisters in natural ways.

If you follow these 5 ways to eliminate cold sores, I believe you will never get disgusting cold sores ever again in your life.