Head Sores – Causes of the Itching and Scalp Irritation

Head Sores: What exactly are head sores?

Head sores are open skin infections on the head that cause extreme discomfort. When one or more of your hair follicles gets irritated, you may begin suffering from head sores. Hair follicles on the head, if inflamed, will eventually get infected and when that happens, the automatic symptom you will experience will be an incessant itch on your head. This isn’t fun at all!

An incessant itch on the head will force you to constantly scratch your scalp. When you start scratching your scalp on a regular basis, the skin of your head (otherwise known as scalp skin) will get bruised in many areas. Once that happens, your scalp will start to bleed. And from then on, your head sore problem will worsen.

As a former victim of sores on the head, my advice to you is that you try your hardest to rigorously ATTACK your particular head sore problem as soon as you notice it. Don’t wait for it to worsen. The longer you wait hoping it’ll go away, the more damage it will cause.

You must understand that, without the correct treatment, head sore problems will not go away on their own. They ARE NOT the type of ailments that cure themselves over time. You have to manually get rid of them with the proper medicinal artillery.

If you’re reading this article right now, it’s probably because you have sores on your head or know someone that does. Trust me when I tell you that I understand your pain. As I said, I use to suffer from these types of problems myself. I am very well familiar with the endless days and nights of scratching, the bleeding of sores from the head. The purpose of my writing this article is to inform you that yes, there is a cure out there, despite the past disappointments you may have suffered.

So if you actually have sores on your head that itch like hell, you’re most likely feeling desperate right now. Chances are, you have already unsuccessfully experimented with a bunch of different medicines. So now you’re wondering, what else is out there?

Well, I’ll be honest with you. The cure for your head sore condition cannot and will not be found over-the-shelf at your local supermarket or drugstore. Sorry.

It will be found, however, at your doctor’s office.

What you need to do is take a trip to your doctor or dermatologist’s office. When you get to the doctor, ask him or her to prescribe you 2 Medicated lotions for the scalp and a B-Lactam Antibiotic. It is the combination of these THREE medicines that will ensure that your head sore condition is addressed with the proper medicines and healed for good!