He Stopped Talking to Me – What Does It Mean? What Really Happened Anyway?


LaTely, have you found yourself in a situation of waiting it out for your man? Do you find yourself getting too paranoid and too stalker-ish already just because he has not been returning your calls? Has your man stopped talking to you and suddenly dropped you like a hot potato? What's going on in his mind anyway? And how come he just stopped talking all of a sudden in the first place?

When a dating scene or a relationship starts to hit the "he stopped talking" level, the natural reaction of women is to obsess over it. "He stopped talking to me – what does it mean" – does it mean that somehow did something that turned him off along the way? He stopped talking to me, therefore, should I do something to get him to talk again?

When he stopped talking, there are so many possibilities why he did so. And here are just one of the billion reasons why your man has gone deaf-mute on you.

Reason # 1: He got busy

Yes! It is not as dramatic as you think it is. When a man becomes too preoccupied, he can block mostly anything from appearing in his thoughts. He must have gotten himself a promotion that his company requires him to work 100 hours a week or so! If this happens, just drop him a quick note saying how much you miss him – say it casually so you would not overwhelm him with your drama.

Reason # 2: You smothered him too much

If you start acting like your man's mother, chances are, he would treat you like one. And yes, ignoring his mom's calls is one of a man's not so endearing qualities. So when you date someone, spare him the baby talk! You must always remember that a man needs to feel like a man. So stop treating him or talking to him like you would to a 2 year old.

Reason # 3: You were getting too high-maintenance

He stopped talking to you and so the reason why he stopped talking is also because of you. Men are less forgiving especially when it comes to hits that turned them off in a big way. And yes, it may take a while for them to get out of that unforgiving state. When you start to cling big time and start asking for more attention from your guy, you are pushing him to his very limits. And the moment he reaches the "I'm done with all your nonsense jealousy" limit, baby, you're in big trouble!

Reason # 4: He just was not so into you!

When a man calls or talks, he is interested to get to know you more but if he stops talking, he probably does not feel the same way as you do. And the more you accept this fact, the easier it will be for you to move on. A man is not so complicated to figure out. If he likes you, he will run after you! Now that he's stopped talking, go figure!