Having Trouble With Thrush, Men?

Not only do woman get, thrush men do to! Whereas women suffer vaginal thrush, men get it under their foreskin and if they have thrush men are less likely to seek medical advice. Men can catch thrush from our partners but also sometimes because we are just run down or are over doing our sugar intake.

So what are we to do about thrush men? Well it seems that when it comes to thrush men just do not want to talk about it. Although woman sometimes will speak to one another about thrush, men generally do not. So firstly do not get too uptight about it, it can happen to anyone. Secondly wear a condom, you may not be aware that although woman can pass on thrush men can too. Thirdly seek information, although most woman have either suffered from or at least heard of thrush, men have much less awareness of it.

As its more common for women to get thrush men can find that most information is not directed at them and some misinformation is around. For example it's a myth that only uncircumcised males get thrush, men who have been circumcised can get it too. Although woman tend to know they have thrush men can have it develop under the foreskin but show no symptoms so you can pass it on unawares. Let's take a look at common symptoms and some solutions.

Identify Thrush, Men! – Common symptoms:

  • A thick discharge under the foreskin.
  • Discomfort when urinating.
  • Slight discharge from the urethra.
  • Redness and itching under the foreskin.
  • Redness and itching at the tip of the penis.

Stop Thrush, Men! – Treatment solutions – 3 things you can do:

  • Take an alkalizing supplement, Candida thrives in an acid body system so create a body environment that it can not survive in.
  • Reducing sugar intake. Candida lives on sugar so reduce sugar intake to starve it out.
  • Take a FDA approved homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic treatments not only help woman with thrush, men get great results too.

Avoid – Pharmaceutical topical creams, they treat symptoms not causes and are unreliable. Also avoid treatments containing boric acid. It is a deadly poison and not something you want on or in your body.