Having a Bashful Bladder

A bashful bladder, also known as paruresis, is a phobia in which the individual can not urinate in the presence of others. Both males and females suffer from this phobia and it can also affect bowel movements, called parcopresis. Almost everyone will have a shy bladder at least one time in his or her lives. However paruresis is much more severe then just shyness and can be very inconvenient.

A person can have a mild, moderate or severe case of this problem. The mild version is when it occurs occasionally. Many times this occurs when there are many men present at public urinals. Sometimes this syndrome only occurs when in moving vehicle or associated with sounds. In the most severe case an individual with a bashful bladder can only urinate in the privacy of his or her own home. Many times this will actually restrict the sufferers movements as they will not travel or go to far from their home.

It can occur with anyone, no matter their age, though most people report that it began in their teen years. Certain governments, particularly in the UK, are slowly recognizing this conditional. It can be found in the encyclopaedia of conditions and disorders and is recognized by the American Urological Association.

Bashful bladder can be particularly problematic especially when workplace drug testing is needed. At drug testing the individual needs to be observed when giving the sample. Interestingly enough the World Anti-Doping Agency has never had any problems with this problem from athletes who frequently have to take drug tests. It is thought that those that suffer from a publicity shy bladder will avoid any experiences that require them to urinate in a more public setting then their own home. Here is the fact that athletes do not tend to suffer from the condition.