Have You Thought About Installing a Family Network Hard Drive?

It does not seem that long ago when the average home would only have a single low specification PC for the whole family. Things have really moved on since then and it is now not uncommon for people to own several, which is why I want to suggest the use of a network hard drive for the whole household.

Obtaining and installing a network hard drive is actually easier than you might think. You can browse and select from thousands of low price drives that are available to buy online.

Once you have purchased one it is normally just a case of switching it on and following a simple set up process. You do not even have to run cabling around your house anymore as there are now network drives available that use wireless technology to connect to all your PCs.

There are some great key features available which you should look out for;

1) Backup your files – This is a really useful function of a network hard drive especially if you run a business from home. With the drive I use back up is carried out automatically every time I switch on my lap top and it pairs with my hub. This means I will not lose any of my precious data.

2) Centrally store media files – Imagine keeping all your movies, music and photographs in one place and then being able to access them from every compatible device in your home. That is exactly what you can do with a network hard drive; I even connect via blue tooth a digital picture frame that automatically refreshes pictures from a digitised family album.

3) Secure remote access – I really love this feature as it has definitely got me out of trouble on more than one occasion. Quite simply using encrypted passwords I am able to access my data files from my network over the internet. The system is really secure and I change my password frequently.