Have You Experience The Allergic Reactions To Bee Stings?

We can get numerous allergies in our environment but one of the allergies that can be treated is a bee sting allergy. The allergy occurs once the people have an unusually high sensitivity to bee stings; this can cause a physical reaction and can put your life in endanger.

Anyone of us could experience the allergic reactions to bee stings. The survey says that mostly of the people that die from the severe allergic reactions to bee stings every and each year than from snake bites, only small amount of people who suffer with bee stings which actually could suffer from fatal reactions and can end one’s life and die.

The causes of these are; once the immune system develops antibodies and other disease fighting cells in response to an allergen, that an allergic reaction starts to develop. Our antibodies release chemicals that actually destroy the surrounding cells and lead to physical symptoms of an allergic reaction.

The antibodies discharge some histamine, which may impinge on the skin, mucous gland or membrane and even smooth muscle cells.

Typically the first sting doesn’t produce severe reactions and multiple stings do. Only for someone who has severe allergic reactions to bee stings that experiencing extreme symptoms to a single bee sting. This may be life threatening allergic reactions that happens without any other symptoms of allergy.

Dry Cough where in the eye starts to itch and swell are the beginning symptoms of the bee sting allergy. As the symptoms goes the patient starts sneezing and wheezing and develop hives to itch. This is the warning sign of a dangerous condition called anaphylaxis. Symptoms also include weakness, tightness in the chest area difficulty in breathing, very low blood pressure, shock and loss of consciousness. And for anyone who suffered from anaphylactic shocks needs an immediate medical treatment cause it only occur a few minutes and result in death.

An epinephrine injection is given to the patient suffering from anaphylactic shock. It is a hormone that stimulates the heart and relaxes the airways. In some cases this injection is given with an antihistamine to counteract the histamine that is produced in the immune system.

Be reminded that once you are victim from allergic reactions to bee stings; avoid situations where you might get stung. If you have some adventures such locations, be sure you carry with your self a kit with antihistamine tablets or injections for an emergency situation. Desensitization programs are given to the people who are severely allergic to bee stings where bee venom injections are administered in increasing doses till the body shows with tolerance to the venom.

An allergy specialist should do this not any ordinary people. This may take between 15 – 20 weeks for the body to develop immunity. And monthly booster shot is always available afterwards. In a summary, we should take immediate care when we get a gee sting. If not we will suffer the consequences. The easiest way is to go to a nearest hospital for an immediate treatment.