Have Discolored Toenail? – It’s Wise to Start Early Treatment

Anyone will say that something goes wrong when you have a discolored toenail. It is not a sudden replacement of your healthy nail but your own allowance for developing an ingrown toenail fungus. In medical terminology it is an unwarranted growth of fungal nail infection. It may also be due to an injury to the toenail, causing bleeding at the tip of the fingers. It may be followed by blackening under the nail due to bacterial growth. Using nail polish and other unhygienic coloring materials on the nail are indirectly harmful to the nail. Though they are applied externally over the nail, they could cause harmful effects. Among those, the discolored toenails and splintered toenails are cited as annoying to anyone having them. This problem is identified as nail infection, and it’s wise you start early treatment.

In the family of discolored fungi, that category called dermatophytes grown in laboratory culture looks mostly yellow, dark brown, or reddish. The other category namely saprophytes fungi that attack the nails are black, green, brown, or even colorless. The nail fungi to look differently exhibit different characteristics. The fungus first appears as a Yellow or White spot, and the color develops more and more as the fungus spreads to cover the whole nail.

Though an ingrown nail infection is to damage the nail to the worst, the discolored toenail is also a positive symptom of fungal growth. Once you have a discolored toenail, you have fair chance to see your nail get fungal attack to any level if not properly treated. Even when you care for proper treatment your toenail fungus cure will require a long period. If you happen to notice your toenail discolored otherwise, it is best suggested that you consult your doctor to get medical advice without waiting for confirming your doubt.

Early consultation and early treatment may help you cure discolored toenail. As the cost of clinical/prescription drugs is high, many people naturally choose natural remedies for topical application. A few of the best home remedies can be with tea tree oil and oregano oil that have high antifungal properties to help cure discolored toenail. There are also some natural remedies which include oral herbs to support the topical treatment.

A discolored toenail at its early stage of infection can easily be cured, and you are sure to recover your normal healthy nail. If the treatment is postponed you will develop an advanced fungal nail, and you will have poor chance to cure it fast.