Have A Chronic Pancreatitis? Alternative Medicine Can Help.

Chronic pancreatitis is difficult to treat by conventional medicine. Most people with chronic pancreatitis can be helped with non drug treatment such as diet, herbs, acupuncture, nutrition supplements, etc. There is another European way for people which suffer from chronic pancreatitis. 

This article focuses on healing properties of European Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water made from the Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt which are totally unknown by American public and most of medical professionals. Used for centuries by generations of Europeans, Karlovy Vary water made from the Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt has been popular in Europe as a natural approach to Chronic Pancreatitis.

According to legend, one of the first patients, who understood the healing property of this spring water, was the Roman Emperor and Bohemian King Charles IV at the 14th century, whose name the town of Karlovy Vary (Charles Springs – Carlsbad) bears.

Physicians became interested in the springs and their research proved the healing effects of drinking of Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water.

Karlovy Vary water was found to be so beneficial that work was done in 1764 to produce the salt from the evaporated thermal spring water. Dissolving the Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt in the water at home gave the possibility to distribute this healing mineral water throughout the world. Czech doctors determined that the water manufactured from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt had identical healing properties as the spring.

Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water is the oldest researched mineral supplement in the world.  The first mention about this water was published in scientific medical book in 1522. Since then, hundreds of clinical texts and articles have been published describing the positive effects of the water on both animals and humans. Unfortunately, most of them were published in Czech, German, Russian thus there are unknown by American medical establishment.

According to research of many European scientists and physicians who practice also alternative medicine, the most important action of the water in chronic pancreatitis is to enhance production and flow of bile and pancreatic juice, open the Sphincter of Oddi and decrease pressure inside the pancreas. Additionally, the Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water supplies the pancreas with minerals and bicarbonates, the main ingredients of the pancreatic juice.

The water promotes also the manufacture and release of digestive hormones in the duodenum and they naturally regulate the digestive process in the whole gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver. The digestive hormones signal to the pancreas the amount of enzymes and bicarbonate that will be needed to digest protein, sugars, starches, and lipids arriving from the stomach into the duodenum.

Water simultaneously relieves digestive disorders, strengthens the digestive system, normalizes the acid-alkaline balance and improves the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

The most important other actions of the healing mineral water manufactured from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt for chronic pancreatitis are:

  • Enhancing liver function by increasing the production and flow of bile,
  • Promoting pancreas function by manufacturing and releasing of pancreatic enzymes, thus it decreases pancreatic insufficiency,
  • Decreasing inflammation and congestion of pancreas, thus pain and abdominal spasms,
  • Restoring the friendly intestinal flora,
  • Preventing of stagnation of food in the digestive tract,
  • Normalizing body acid alkaline balance, etc.

These effects are caused by unique beneficial complex composition of potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfates, bicarbonates, chlorides, and a lot of trace minerals such as zinc, cobalt, selenium, lithium, copper and more in ionic form. 

Mineral content of Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water manufactured from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt is closed to mineral content of human plasma. What is most important, that this water doesn’t have toxic heavy metals.

Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water manufactured from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt is not just something to drink when thirsty or something to drink either as a snack or with meals. This is unique mineral supplement with well scientifically researched healing properties.

To get the positive result in chronic pancreatitis one needs to follow particular regime including temperature, and amount of drinking water, frequency of taking, time of drinking before eating and more.

This healing mineral water can be useful to many different professionals: medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, herbalists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, chiropractors, and colon hydro therapists and for hundred thousands people with the pancreas diseases.

The information on this article is presented for educational, informational purposes only.  It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a qualified licensed professional.