Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise – Harry Potter Parody Film Slated For ’10 Release

Have you read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and still can’t get enough of Harry Potter? Then get out to the next wizard rock concert in your area. Here in Northern Indiana, the wizard rock band to see is The Quaffle Kids.

The Quaffle Kids rocked Fun FX in Mishawaka, Indiana on Friday, October 12th. The show opened with a short acoustic set by Neville’s Diary, a side project by Quaffle Kids guitarist Bryce Cone. Bryce sang a cool song about the rivalry between Lupin and Snape, and another about Neville at the Yule Ball.

The Quaffle Kids took to the stage, dressed in suits and ties much like Harry and Ron wear under their Hogwarts robes. Singer Tim Richardson sported atomic-red hair. The band launced into “Black Hand/Long White Beard,” their tribute to Albus Dumbledore. Other songs worth noting:

“Quidditch Time,” which cleverly borrowed on the riff from “Closing Time”

In the same vein, a song about Luna Lovegood in the style of the Green Day tune “Basket Case”

“Ron’s Rant,” a hilarious song about the downside of being Harry Potter’s best friend

“Wizard Rockers Unite,” a musical shout-out to other wizard rock bands, including the more well-known Harry and the Potters.

But listening to the Quaffle Kids is only half the fun. In addition to singing in The Quaffle Kids, Tim Richardson is an independent filmmaker, producer and writer. His last project was the Lord of the Rings parody Dork of the Rings. His newest project is Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise, which was filmed in 2008 and will be released in January 2010. Set at Snogwarts wizard school, it chronicles the seventh year of Harvey Putter and his friends. The Ridiculous Premise is sure to be wildly popular with Harry Potter fans . . . and even with Harry haters, who will have a good time laughing at all the hype.

Now we can all follow along with the progress of this production on Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB). See a sneak preview of Professor Snake’s Lotions class at YouTube.

I’m really excited about the adventures of Harvey Putter and his best friends, Hernia Grunger and Rod Cheesely, as they prepare to do battle with Lord Moldymort. Now that the last pages of Deathly Hallows have been read and re-read, and only one book has yet to be filmed, what else do we Potter fans have to look forward to?

You can visit the Harvey Putter homepages on MySpace and FaceBook.