Harmful Bacteria


Even though bacteria are generally beneficial to man and ecosystem in general, it’s an undeniable fact that there are some that do the opposite. These are harmful bacteria and cause many ailments as well as diseases. They are also referred to as pathogens. They attack human beings, plants and animals causing diseases such as anthrax, toothaches, pneumonia,   tonsillitis  e.t.c.

There is no specific word that can describe the dangers of this organisms. In fact, some of them are life threatening and actually lead to death. Take an example of Vibrio cholerae that causes cholera or Legionella pnuemoniae that causes Legionnaire’s disease. If not treated early and well , it can lead to death.

It would be fair to say that in most cases, harmful bacteria leads to food poisoning. No wonder, we ought to be clean and ensure what we eat is clean and well cooked. Some of this organisms that cause food poisoning include the following; Salmonella and Campylobacter mostly found in warm blooded animals or unpasteurized dairy products, Listeriosis that is caused by consuming contaminated food, Clostridium perfringes found in poultry, raw milk, eggs or vegetables and finally Campylobacteriosis which causes digestive tract infection and found in food or water contaminated by pests.

Harmful bacteria can cause devastating effects and hence we ought to be careful with what we eat or drink. They can actually lead to a number of food borne illnesses and normally diarrhea, flu, vomiting, abdominal pains, headaches e.t.c are the effects. When you buy un pasteurized products, make sure you boil first so as to kill this organisms.