Harbin’s Recommended Hospitals

Harbin is the tenth largest city in China; it lies on the southern banks of the Songhua River. The city serves as a key political, economic, scientific, cultural and communications hub in northeast China. It has been awarded the title of “Music City-Harbin’ by the United Nations recently. Being the capital of a Chinese border province, Harbin was amongst the first few cities to have access to European classical music. It also is the home to China’s oldest symphony orchestra, the Harbin Symphony Orchestra.

Harbin Medical University is a public university and serves as a center for teaching and research. This eight decade old university has a number of hospitals that are affiliated with it and is a prominent medical institution in China.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University is well-rated hospital that is more than six decades old. The hospital though being a multispecialty health institution has a special expertise in the field of oncology. First Affiliated offers tailor made treatment for each patient depending on various factors that will provide the best outcome. The hospital also provides consultation and treatment for geriatric oncology in line with the latest medical technology. The hospital address is 23 Youzheng Street in the Nangang District. This hospital is the largest general hospital in the northeast China. It is also one of the few hospitals where you can find English speaking doctors, a real plus for visitors to this part of China.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University (HMUSAH) is a large and complete healthcare facility. The hospital is spread across a sprawling campus and consists of outpatient and inpatient buildings and three sub hospitals which are as follows: Cardiovascular Disease Hospital, Rheumatic Hospital and ENT Hospital. The infrastructure and the technology at the hospital are on par with the best in the world; it offers a patient friendly environment and has a holistic approach to healing. The hospital is amongst the leaders in the field of organ transplantation in China.

Another leading hospital that provides good and quality care to its patients at very affordable rates is the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University. The hospital is almost a century old and has 41 clinical departments. Fourth Affiliated employs the latest technology, has facilities for cardiac intervention and is a government approved institution for providing training to specialists. The hospital is one of the best in the country in the areas of diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer. The hospital is located at #37 Yiyuan Street in the Nangang District.

China is famous for its traditional healing methods; the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine is amongst the best universities in the country; it offers education, treatment and conducts research in this field. The university was founded in 1954 and attracts a number of patients and students from all over the country and around the world as well; about 30 countries send students here. The hospital offers consultation in Chinese healing methods like acupuncture and massage. This school is found at #247 Xue Fu Road in the Nangang District of Harbin.

The First Hospital, located at #151 Diduan Street in the Daoli District of Harbin, has an 835 bed capacity. The hospital has diagnostic facilities and doctors for a large number of branches. It is a 97 year old hospital that has been instrumental in providing healthcare facilities for almost a century. The hospital is provides medical teaching, as well as research, and running prevention and health awareness programs.