Happiness Help at the Happy Clinic (Part 1: Money)

Although money can not make you happy it can definitely bring your happiness down. The old saying "when hunger enters the front door love exits through the backdoor" does have a point.

Money concurs happiness in two opposite circumstances:
• If you do not have enough of it, it can occupy your thoughts to such an extent that you miss the important things in life.
• If you have to much you might think that it makes you more important than the rest of us. Then you will lose the people who like you for being you and you will gain people who like you for being rich.

How many people measure their happiness with a bank balance; Too many. We refer to rich people as successful whether they are happy or not. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember a Biblical saying that goes like this: "for some people God gave absolutely everything except the ability to enjoy it". How senseless is that and what a curse.

If money could make you happy why are so many rich people depressed? The poorest continent on earth, Africa, has the lowest depression rate. The richest country on that continent, South Africa, has the second highest rate in the world.

And yet we know that being poor, can be a cancer in your heart of happiness. In the movie "the pursuit of happiness" staring Will Smith, there is only one thing that bugs me and that is the fact that the movie identifies happiness with wealth. We know this is not true and yet we always fall for it.

So if money is not the help happiness needs; what is?

I think it is worth our while to go on a quest in search of authentic or real or true happiness. There are quite a few Happiness Clinics in the world (see the links below). Somehow I get the impression that happiness became more elusive in our time, but that is only a personal observation that might be false. How would we know how happy our ancestors really were?