Handle Your Stress – Prevent Depression

The message you read on the faces of many rich people you find around could be translated into something that reads “I am well paid… I work hard… I love my job…” but mind you, it isn’t well articulated,… “I am stressed” And it is then you realize that the hours you give into your work and the high pay isn’t all that matters.

You aren’t just working to make ends meet, you are devoting your time to realize a dream, to build a haven for your family… you seem to be on what you think you are best at, but somewhere deep inside, you feel something isn’t just working well. You are tiring out, even though you earn so high. You want to know why you can’t just have it easy like the writer, wife, teacher who seems to bloom in the midst of harrowing stuff she’s got her hands on.

It is all about time management. I am not saying you have to program yourself like a mechanical work tool. What I want to say is that your work, like every aspect of your life is important. Your work has its place, just like walking your kid to the nearby school has its own place. The things that fit into the pattern of your everyday life have their value. You can’t just handle them or break them anyhow, the way you carry them matters a lot also. This is about work-life balance. Life isn’t just work. Keeping a balance between work and life keeps you sane and healthy. You mightn’t have known how to go about this, and you attribute the stress that weighs upon you to far-fetched factors. The antidote to your stress shouldn’t be searched far.

It is all about handling the different facets of life properly, giving to each aspect its value and taking time to savor the beauty of things hidden beneath the somewhat annoying monotony of the day-to-day life. Work-life balance is knowing how to give the appropriate time to anything that constitute a part of your daily life, from the smallest things to to major tasks. The moment you realize that your work is taking almost all of your time, that you come home just to grab something and bump your head, then you know that the knot of the balance is getting loose. It is time you consider asking yourself some of the questions below:

1- Is my life becoming my work?

You should be able to tell whether you spend more time with work than with your family. Work and life work together. Yet they can’t be carried everywhere. Learning to leave your personal life issues at home is one way of enhancing your ability to work well in your office. Learning to leave your work issues in the office offers you the opportunity and the freedom to enjoy quality life at home.

2- Am I creative in Managing my time?

Have you ever thought about this? Much of our stress stems from the fact that we manage our time poorly. Time management is an asset. It determines what we have to do, when we have to do it and for how long we would do that. Managing time properly and creatively will offer you the possibility of handling your choices well, without any rush or procrastination. Time management also means cutting excesses and abuses. It happens that we give a lot of time to things we love as though nothing else matters, the effect is obvious, we wear out of routine. Being creative in managing your time means giving yourself allowance to do things you’d have loved to do without feeling obliged, those things that help you relax and get off from the heavy weight of the routine.

3- What are my capacities, my aptitudes?

Learning to go at your pace is one way of keeping the balance and easing off stress. You’d need to know if the work you are doing is beyond your skills. Are you taking more than you can handle? Many people get stressed up because they ignore their strengths. It is important to be patient with one’s self, to follow one’s growth pattern. Time isn’t just an asset for us, it is a teacher, a way to travel on, a space where experience matures into skillful knowledge. The mistake of many people is that of wanting to succeed immediately. It is not how much work you do that builds up a career, but how much patience you have in discovering and honing your skills.

One thing is certain, and you’d have to admit it if you’ll get assistance here. We all have our forms of stress. As we come home from work, we feel the weight of the day upon our shoulders. Recognizing symptoms of stress and gaining an awareness of it is a sure path to managing it. This could help prevent us from getting into serious health problems. In the next issue, we will be discussing about handling stress at work.