HairMax LaserComb Reviews

The HairMax LaserComb® was designed and developed in Australia and is manufactured in the USA under strict quality control standards. Lexington International, LLC, based in Boca Raton Florida, manufactures and distributes the HairMax LaserComb. To date the HairMax LaserComb has been shipped to over 150 countries worldwide. Lexington International, LLC is a leader in hair growth, hair care and hair science.

According to their company official website, the Hairmax Lasercomb is the only FDA cleared laser phototherapy device for home use; they are the only company that has invested in and performed clinical research to prove efficacy of the home use phototherapy device and to submit them to the FDA in a formal 510(k) filing*.

Since 2001, there have been 7 clinical studies conducted with 460 subjects on the HairMax LaserComb®. In 2010, 2 of the studies were conducted on males and 2 were conducted in females.

These clinical results demonstrated that the Hair Max users would experience substantial decrease in hair fallout, faster hair growth; more manageability of hair and overall better quality and condition of hair. Moreover, no adverse side effects ever reported from treatment with the HairMax laser comb.

The HairMax Laser Comb is an easy to use and non-invasive home-use laser device; this medical device uses low level laser to stimulate the scalp and energizes hair follicles, help to maintain your existing hair and retard shedding.

How does HairMax laser comb work?

1. The HairMax laser comb has a patented hair parting teeth system to provide direct path for laser light to reach scalp effectively. The teeth of the HairMax part the hair to allow for precision delivery of laser light to all areas of the scalp and hair follicle without blocking by the hair.

2. The HairMax laser comb produces nine laser beams which generate coherent visible light in the red spectrum. This laser light in the red spectrum with proper power output is beneficial for cutaneous medicine.

3. As a result, the laser energy of the HairMax laser comb energizes weakened hair follicles to prevent further hair loss, and stimulates re-growth of hair.

4. Treatment with the HairMax laser comb can increases blood circulation and cellular metabolism in the scalp. The increase in blood flow brings the important nutrients into the hair follicle, and taking away harmful waste products such as DHT.

5. For optimal results, follow the recommended treatment schedule. Use the HairMax laser comb consistently 3 times a week (non-consecutive days – i.e. Mon., Wed., and Fri.) Each treatment approximately take 10-15 minutes, more frequent or longer usage will not increase faster results. Just like every day brushing and flossing to make your teeth healthy, ongoing HairMax laser comb treatment is needed to maintain healthy hair growth. Any benefits gained may gradually disappear if you stop using it.

6. The HairMax laser comb is a standalone hair loss treatment with no recurring costs and its precision lasers have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

The HairMax laser comb user reviews

1) Use the HairMax laser comb as directed, most users would experience a cessation of hair loss and have an average of 20% new hair growth. More than 90% of end users will notice positive benefits (Based on clinical studies and user reports).

2) During the early phases of laser comb hair loss treatment, some users will notice a slight increase in hair shedding; but it should not be a cause for alarm, because it is only temporary. Actually it is a good sign, indicates that the HairMax laser comb is working, hairs are being stimulated to fall out of the scalp only to be replaced by healthier, thicker hair, new hair is starting to grow now!

3) In general, most HairMax users experience full benefits of laser comb treatment within 20 weeks. These benefits including new hair growth, a cessation of hair loss and hair become more healthy, thicker and manageable.

4) As a matter of fact, not all the users would get the same results, some users only require as little as 12 weeks to experience the full benefits, but the others might take longer time. However, it should be noted that there are many variables that affect the result. You are suggested to continue using the HairMax laser comb on a regular basis, because many of users report that with continued use, they slowly start to notice thicker, denser hair and signs of new growth.

*Key clinical studies

*In 2002 Dr. Michael Markou published the clinical study ‘International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology’ in the peer reviewed medical journal.

In 2005 key clinical study has been conducted supporting 510(k) Submission* to the FDA and subsequently gets clearance to market in 2007.

The article entitled, HairMax LaserComb Phototherapy Device in the Treatment of Male Androgenetic Alopecia, is indexed as Clin Drug Invest 2009: 29 (5): 283-292 in most of the biomedical databases such as MEDLINE, EMBASE/Excerpta Medica, etc. was published in the May 2009 Issue of Clinical Drug Investigation.


The 510(k) Submission is the primary mechanism by which medical devices are accepted to the market in the USA. The FDA requires data to back equivalence claims, descriptive data and performance data to support this type of submission.

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