Hairloss Remedies – It's Time to Get Out of the Mess


If you have been experiencing hairloss or thinning hair, you probably got lost in the hairloss remedies mess. It seems that there are hundreds of people, online stores and pharmacies that sell the best hairloss remedy, hairloss treatment or hairloss product. The problem is that they all sell different remedies in different prices (usually exaggerated ones).
Here is a list of the most common used hairloss remedies. We suggest you go over the list before spending more money on a well marketed allegedly hairloss remedies:

1. Propecia – For a good reason, Propecia is the most popular hairloss remedy. Propecia is the first hairloss remedy to be approved by the FDA. It is estimated that over 1.5 million American have been using it since it was introduced in 1998. Propecia works on male pattern hairloss by reducing the amount of DHT (A chemical which causes hair loss). In more than 80% of the cases this hairloss product works well – hairloss is stopped and new hair is grown.

2. Rogaine – Includes Minoxidil which was proven to stop hair loss. It is effective for hairloss women and men incidents. This hairloss treatment comes as a liquid lotion that should be applied on the scalp.

3. Revivogen – the most effective all natural hairloss remedy. It is made of natural ingredients that have been proven to stop hairloss and regrow hair.

4. Advecia – a all natural hairloss remedy. Advecia is made of herbs, vitamins and minerals such as Saw Palmetto and green tea. It works for men and women and has no side effects.

Do not get frustrated by your hair loss. Make an action. There are effective hairloss remedies in the market. Just try one and you will get convinced shortly after starting to use it. Good luck in stopping your hairloss and regrowing new hair.