Hair Replacement Treatment Options – Surgery and Other Non – Surgical Solutions

No matter how much you think hair loss is a problem, there are now very effective solutions for the condition. Any bald male or even female you see today obviously doesn’t have the money to get their “hairs back” or they just don’t want to!

Surgery in particular has proved very effective in getting back hairs lost in the past. I see lots more people today with hair who previously didn’t have any on top of their heads. Unless you knew they previously had bald hair, there’s no way you would believe by looking at their hairs today.

Minoxidil and cortizene injections are other medications that are effective in treating male hair loss. Also, topical immunotherapy is equally effective as a treatment option to cure Alopecia. Other treatment options include the use of dinitrochilorobenzene as a topical solution on the scalp of the individual having Alopecia.

Non-surgical hair replacement solutions for Alopecia includes the use of toupees, wigs or hairpieces to hide the scalp, eye brows, mustache and other part of the body where Alopecia have taken over. Other treatment options in this category include: sensigraft hair replacement, low level laser therapy and reallusions.

If that hair loss is bothering you then going for a hair replacement option will be helpful for you. There are centers where you can undergo these procedures and have your hair loss worries taken care of. The Internet is a good source of information about these centers, especially if you are looking for one close to where you live or where you work.