Hair Removal Treatments – Is Thermicon the Best?

To determine which hair removal treatment is best suited for your need and lifestyle, first you need to know the hair growth cycle. Hair has three phases, Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Anagen is the most active phase where the root is still attached to the follicle and it is what makes the hair grow. This is the phase where the problem of unwanted and excessive hair growth starts. Catagen is the stage where the hair is starting to be disconnected from the root and the hair growth begins to stop. It is the in-between phase, but the hair growth doesn’t stop here. Telogen is the phase where the hair is completely separated from its root and the hair growth stops. If this is the case, there would not be any need for Hair Removal Treatments, right? Since, there will be a phase where the hair will stop growing altogether, right?

Wrong! Because these phases may take place at the same time at the same area, meaning at any moment the hair, say on your arms will be in the anagen stage where some of the hair are still growing. Others are in the in-between stage or catagen while others are in the telogen phase where the hair stops growing but you wouldn’t know which is which so it would be tricky to verify what treatment is to be used on which hair. The best way for these hair removal treatments to be effective is to target the hair on its anagen stage where the root is still attached to the follicle. An improved technology in the hair removal treatments field is the Thermicon technology. This technology transmits heat to the follicle right down to where the growth of the hair really takes place. The more of this heat is transmitted to the root, the more successful the treatment is. How it works is divided into three parts. First Contact is when the wire singes the hair and removes it until the visible part above the skin. This is the strongest state of the technology. The next part is the Crystallization where the primary part of the follicle turns it into ash. The remaining hair might feel itchy and barbed to the touch. The last part is the Disruption stage where the thermal signal goes down to the root where it restrains the cell accountable for growth.

The Thermicon hair removal treatments are the best option there is in the market, because it bypasses the problem presented by laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal treatment cannot be successful on dark skin complexion and fine hair because of the pigmentation. The thermicon technology does not affect any complexion or any colored hair to treat. It can be used efficiently and successfully by anyone in spite of hair and skin color. Suffice to say, the thermicon technology is the most superb treatment there is to remove unsightly and unwanted hair safely.