Hair Loss Vitamin – How a Vitamin Supplement Can Help Keep Your Hair Healthy and Promote New Growth

Hair loss is a problem for both men and women and both have different causes and as such need different treatments. Whether you are a woman or a man with a hairloss problem, you might be surprised to learn that a hair loss vitamin supplement may help solve your problem.

Let’s take a closer look at hair loss for men and women.

Thinning Hair Women

Women lose hair for different reasons including stress, pregnancy or lack of vitamins required for healthy, thick hair. Although thinning hair is often more associated with men, it is also quite common for women to have this issue.

Women need to have the appropriate nutritional requirements to maintain optimum hair growth and also a good follicle function to keep your hair shiny and healthy and more importantly just to ‘keep’ you hair.

If you aren’t receiving the required nutrients in your diet then you should consider a good supplement that is specifically designed to provide the essential vitamins and minerals for hair follicle support.

Hair Loss For Men

The main cause of hairloss in men is Dihydrotestostrone (DHT) which is a hormonal byproduct of testosterone. DHT has been shown to retard follicle growth and shorten the growth phase of hair in men. DHT attaches itself to hair follicles which causes the follicle to get smaller and hair to get thinner and eventually fall out.

To prevent this from happening, men can take a natural supplement that provides nutritional support for healthy hair as well as having a blend of botanicals that inhibit DHT formation naturally. This type of supplement can block DHT to prevent hair loss and let you keep a good, healthy head of hair for life.

A good supplement will include vitamins and minerals, including Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Zinc and Biotin which are all good for healthy hair growth as well as having other health benefits.

If you do suffer from thinning hair I highly recommend giving a hair loss vitamin supplement a go as I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how effective they can be.