Hair Loss Treatments For Women Using Provillus

Hair Loss Treatments For Women

Has one or both of your parents experienced balding or thinning more extreme than normal? If the answer is yes, there is at least a 50 percent likelihood that you may have a hereditary condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia or female pattern baldness and this type of inherited balding is seen in 1 out of every 4 women.

This is triggered off by a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (5a-DHT) being released into your bloodstream. DHT prevents the blood flowing to the hair follicles. This causes the hair to become very fragile and frail, sooner or later the follicles die – leaving you with those patches of missing hair.

With women hair loss and baldness can be more complicated and caused by a variety of factors such as: Hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, poor diet, anxiety/stress, anaemia, hydration and lack of exercise, menopause, scalp and skin infections and in my case prolonged illness Chronic Ulcerative Colitis.

Product review

When you read product descriptions you are always sceptical about their reviews as your natural instinct say’s this is marketing hype& PR, and too good to be true.

But, just say if there was a product readily available that would restore and rebuild both insecurity and confidence issues, would you use it? Off course you would and if you are serious about curing your hair loss or pattern baldness, the first thing you should research is a product that is approved by the FDA – Minoxidil.

When I did my research, I found out how Minoxidil worked, it impedes the production of DHT, now I was truly excited! The Minoxidil doses are extremely important because women do not need more than 2% because to much of it can cause a negative effect. Alternatively, for men the recommended doses are 5% Minoxidil (which I believe is too high for women). Men and women’s bodies are like chalk and cheese, so I recap their treatment should be nonconforming as well.

What’s next for you

The raison d’être for female hair loss are unquestionably very wide ranging, however there are a not many hair re-growth products on the market which have been proven to be effective in both in blocking harmful hormones and bringing the all important dead hair follicles back to life.

Thru research discovered a natural product Provillus that meets these requirements, not only has it a 90 day money back guarantee, shipped right to my address in less than 4 days, but contains the FDA approved ingredient Minoxidil.

To date, I have not experienced any harmful side effects apart from my forehead which got a little dehydrated when I first applied, but I cured that by using a shampoo, and have encountered no other inconvenience.It can be used both as a defensive means, starting before hair loss becomes acute, or after loss of hair has become obvious.

Whatever the level of balding or thinning you are experiencing, Provillus could be just what is needed to overcome this latest challenge in your life.