Hair Loss Treatment Review – Which is Best?

Hair loss is a serious issue for both men and women with more than 85 million people suffering from some form of hair loss at any given moment. Losing hair and having hair grow back that is unusually thin can be traumatic for many people, especially women. Women are at a distinct risk for experiencing feelings of lack of self-worth and lack of self-confidence when confronted with hair loss or thinning hair issues. There are several causes that can be at the root of hair loss problems. A hair loss treatment review can help you decide which treatment plan may be the best for you.

Male and Female Pattern Baldness

Men and women can experience hair loss from genetic issues which are passed down from generation to generation. Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and Female Pattern Baldness (FPB) can be extremely embarrassing. There is nothing you can do to prevent MPB or FPB from causing you a problem, but there are ways to treat it. A hair loss treatment review can help you choose the best option.

Causes other those with genetic roots

Hormonal influences/fluctuations and changes that occur in your body can also cause hair loss. These include pregnancy and menopause for women, and they can be temporary. Medications sometimes interact with your system in a way that brings about hair loss. Thyroid conditions, as well as other serious health issues, can affect the way your hair grows and falls out.

Many treatments aimed solely at men

Some treatment methods found in a hair loss treatment review are specifically designated for men, while others can be used by both sexes. For many years, women were at a distinct disadvantage because hair loss treatments were not discussed for women, seemingly reserving this topic for “men only.” Studies were concentrated on men and their hair loss issues, and trying to find a resolution that would work for them. Thankfully, this situation has changed to include research for both men and women.

Two-step treatment program

Provillus offers a unique two-step combination that is designed to treat hair loss in both men and women, and from both outside the body and from within. Provillus utilizes the drug Minoxidil, which is the only FDA-approved treatment for hair loss, in a topical solution. Apply this solution twice a day to the affected areas on your scalp to start revitalization, reach the hair follicles directly through the scalp, and restore an optimum surface for healthy hair to re-grow. The other step in the two-fold process comes in the form of a supplement pill containing vitamins and minerals, including Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto has been proven to be effective in blocking DHT, which is a prime factor in hair thinning and loss and stunted re-growth.

Other options

Procerin is a treatment for hair loss for men between the ages of 18 and 35 only and it is not for use by women. Advecia is another hair loss treatment that has experienced moderate success for some users. The product, Hair Genesis, is based on a scientific hypothesis by a hair expert. Hair Genesis combines three products: soft gel pills containing a few vitamins, shampoo, and a serum for your scalp. Propecia uses the drug, Finasteride, to treat hair loss in men only. Some residual side effects were noted with use of Propecia–namely, temporary loss of sex drive and semen production. A hair loss treatment review shows Propecia to be the most costly among the four comparable methods.

Another hair loss treatment review includes the possible options of hair transplants, lasercombs which incorporate phototherapy, special shampoos and conditioners, and an abundance of solely herbal products.

When you begin to experience hair loss, you need to act quickly because the sooner you get started on a regimen, the better your chances of stopping hair loss, controlling it, and re-growing new, thicker, and healthier hair. Research the internet for a hair loss treatment review until you find the one that makes the most sense to you. A combination plan, such as Provillus, might get you started quickly down the path to success by blocking DHT from getting to your hair follicles and, at the same time, providing essential Saw Palmetto and other nutrients that will nourish your hair while Minoxidil begins work on your scalp.