Hair Loss – Myth Vs Fact, Get the Facts Before You Act!

Common Myth # 1, Hats Cause hair loss.
In fact hats do not cause hair loss. Rather, hats are often used to cosmetically cover the problem. Actually, the most common form of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia (AGA) has been demonstrated to result from a genetic susceptibility of certain hair follicles within a well-defined pattern on the scalp to specific hormonal triggers. Once the process starts, the hair thins. The disease is named what it is because hair inside the affected zone- or pattern, progressively thins to the point of baldness, whereas hair outside the pattern remains largely unaffected.

Common Myth # 2, Hair loss is caused by restricted circulation to the scalp.
In fact it has been compellingly, repeatedly, and conclusively demonstrated that scalp circulation remains intact irrespective of the vitality of the embedded hair follicles. The problem of pattern hair loss is mediated by circulating hormones, not circulating blood.Nevertheless, many purported treatment remedies claim to address the problem and even reverse it by increasing the flow of blood to the scalp and follicles. Most deceptively, such products may show, as a "before picture" the bald scalp of a person suffering from from alopecia areata – a disease wholly unrelated to common pattern hair loss. Then, in the "after picture" the same person is shown, but now with a miraculously thickened head of hair. The inference is that the product being offered for sale has somehow stimulated the scalp to sprout renewed hair growth. Unfortunately, such claims are categorically without merit for many reasons. First and foremost among these is that alopecia areata waxes and wanes, indepedent of any purported miracle hair growth elixer that may have been applied.

Common Myth # 3, Poor nutrition causes hair loss.
In fact if this were the case then almost every homeless person would be bald. Instead, many poorly nourished homeless people sprout impressive heads of hair despite years of alcohol abuse, drug addiction and shockingly poor diet. Are we to infer that homelessness is therefore a cure for hair loss? Of course not! But by the same token, however we should infer that nutrition is usually a major contributing factor in causing hair loss.Common pattern hair loss is caused by three things, genetics, circulating hormones, and age. Genetics gives us genes that render our scalp hair intolerible. Circulating hormones trigger the onset and progress of the disease. And age causes the disorder to manifest. In other words, nine year old children, even those genetically susceptible to pattern hair loss, do usually not suffer from the problem until they reach adulthood.