Hair Loss – Cause And Effect

Hair loss reaches its final state when reaching baldness. I am sure you have seen many bald people on the street or in different places near you. The question now rising is: what causes baldness?

Baldness is also known, in medical terms, as Alopecia. For males, the manifestation of alopecia is characterized by hair falling from the sides of the forehead. In addition to this, many subjects can also present a bald patch on the top of their heads. The responsible party for this type of baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is no other than DHT. This is a hormone that controls hair growth; it can affect the hair and also the prostate. Scientists do not understand yet why is this hormone affecting the scalp this way. Signs of its manifestations can appear for the first time during puberty or in the late twenties in most of the cases.

This hormonal problem is in most of the cases genetic. The genetic factor is the one indicating if you will be hairy or bald. So all you have to do now is look at your family, and if your father or grandmother is bald, you will probably be too.

This type of hair loss is conditioned and permanent and there are few chances to prevent it. The market offers many solutions for this problem but none have yet shown 100% efficient. A study made in the US showed that five subjects out of twenty using Propecia obtained considered results after one year of using the product.

Another permanent manifestation is Alopecia Areata. This causes hair to fall on different areas of your entire body, including the head. Other types of hair loss are temporary or provoked.

Traction Alopecia is present on people who wear their hair in a ponytail or harm the hair brushing it intensely. You can imagine yourself that pulling hard on your hair everyday is not a good choice.

Infections, especially mycotic infections can cause hair to fall intensely. Medical advice is welcome in this case. Any mistreatment of the scalp can lead to devastating effects.
On areas of your body where you find sebaceous cysts, you are most likely to experience hair loss. This will span over 2-3 weeks depending on case.
Other factors causing temporary hair falling are stress and dehydration. If you have a busy job and you do not have time to take care of your health you will experience hair loss so the best way to keep your beauty is protecting it.