Guys Learn How to Get the Love of Your Life Back

Guys I’m here to tell you my story about me and my ex girlfriend and how in my attempts at trying to win her back, I actually made every single mistake imaginable and lost her. If you want to learn how to get the love of your life back, read on and do the exact opposite of almost everything I did.

It all started off one night, we decided to go for a drive and hang out. When we arrived at a nearby park, we got out of our car and went to the swings. While we were there, she seemed very distant, but I just thought she was tired or wasn’t in much of a mood for talking. Then she dropped the bomb on me. I’m breaking up with you. This seemed to come out of nowhere, to me at least. She had apparently been thinking of about this for awhile, but I was blinded by our relationship, I just stopped noticing certain things. The reasons for the break up aren’t important here, it’s how I reacted after the breakup.

She told me that she still wanted to be friends, well for any guy that has just had his heart ripped out of his chest, this is now a marching band stomping all over it. I don’t know why women say this, they never truly mean it, but I go on.

The next few weeks completely changed me, I didn’t sleep, I hardly ate, I did go to work however. A lot of people when feeling the pain of a breakup, avoid social interaction and become shut ins, missing work and any thing else that may take them out of the comfort of their own homes.

I am here to say, that I made every mistake imaginable in my attempts to win back the love of my life, I called her non stop, back in the day there wasn’t text messaging yet, but I sure as hell did rack up the minutes on my cell phone calling non stop. I am not very proud to admit this, as I don’t think anyone including my ex knows this, but I parked out down the street from her house (stalking) hoping to catch a glimpse of her. I was even so desperate to call her house while parked down the street, when I knew she was home because of her bedroom light on. When her roommate would tell me she wasn’t home, it just made me even more mad, because I knew she was.

I was losing myself, I know every thing that I had done so far in may attempts weren’t working, and only annoying her even more. Yes I even talked to her mother, seeing if she could plead my case for me, I thought that if anyone could convince her it would be her mother. No dice.

Eventually, I cut down on my efforts, and slowly as time went on and I wasn’t constantly making attempts to win her back, my pain started to subside. I found myself not thinking of her as much as I did before.

Until one day, while I was working, she stopped in for a visit. I couldn’t believe it, here was whom I thought was the love of my life, standing before me. She initiated this, not me, then the feelings started to come back. They were different though. I found myself, wondering why she was here. She said it was because she wondered how I was doing.

I was now in an interesting situation, I didn’t know how I should feel or react. We talked a bit, then she went about her day. Guess what, a week later she called me and asked if I wanted to go play some pool with her.

This sort of sounded like a potential date to me. Now I was really confused. On one hand I had the love of my life, whom I wanted to know for so long how to get the love of your life back in my life, and I also had the memories of how much losing her hurt.

I’m not going to tell you how this story turns out, that part isn’t important, but what is important is that no matter what I did, no matter what I thought I should do while trying to get her back in my life, none of it worked. It wasn’t until I stopped making efforts and allowed some time to go by without any attempts, did she come knocking on my door.

So, if I can give one piece of advice when trying to find out how to get the love of your life back, it would be to simply do nothing related to the relationship at all. As tough as it sounds, you must forget her. Get on with your life, and if she wants you back. She’ll be back, she’ll find you.