Guided Meditations For Stress Reduction

Guided meditations are nothing more than meditation with guidance or instruction. We all probably have a friend or someone that we know who meditates. Someone may have even suggested meditation to you in the past, but you may have thought that it was too strange or it would be too difficult to perform. Although meditation has been around for centuries, it has not always been considered an exercise for the masses. The growing popularity of meditation and guided meditations can be attributed to the fact that people are curious. This curiosity has shown us that meditation is not really all that strange, and it is quite easy to do. Not to mention the incredible number of benefits one can derive from meditating.

Meditation is relaxation. It is a unique relaxation technique that you consciously trigger to obtain a natural state of mind and body that makes you feel better. Daily use will quickly bring harmony and peace to your life. When you meditate often, you begin to understand the power that your mind actually has. The objective of guided meditations is to develop relationship between your mind and body that allows them to work together harmonically. This balance will change your overall perception and response to stress. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easily you will be able to cope with the everyday difficulties that, up to this point, drove you to distraction.

A good thing about meditation is that you do not need any equipment. You only need enough space for you. The main objective is to become completely relaxed. So, find a spot with no distractions where you can get into a comfortable position. Avoid lying down, you might fall asleep. Once you are comfortable, take some time and feel the areas affected by stress and tension, breathe deeply and relax. You have just taken your first step in meditation.

If you are a beginner and considering meditation then guided meditations are the way to go. The key word being “guided”, because when starting anything new, we need to be shown. The guidance can be in various forms like, instructional CD’s, videos, books or even personal trainers. Learning to meditate is not difficult. You should be able to, with a little instruction, begin to meditate effectively within 3 to 10 minutes. The cost of these programs is not much at all, and the benefits are enormous. Try it and see for yourself.