Guard Dogs – Why They're Still Man's Best Crime-Fighting Friend

In recent years crime fighting technology has become increasingly progressive. We can use GPS to track the location of stolen objects, we can accurately take shoe print readings and there are even flashlights that can induce vomiting.

Despite these breakthroughs, there is still at least one traditional crime fighting method that is arguably still as relevant as it ever was, if not more relevant, and that is the use of guard dogs.

Metal theft has been one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK in the past few years and tackling the issue is a key problem, especially as it affects a wide range of commercial and domestic properties. Thefts have increased because scrap metal has become a valuable commodity: the price of copper has doubled to more than £ 5,000 a ton since 2009.

Camden Council in London recently informed that security is being stepped up at cemeteries in North London due to a space of recent metal thefts across graveyards in the borough. How are they doing this, you may ask? Why by using security dog ​​patrols in London, of course.

This is not just a one-off, police and security services London are increasingly looking to use guard dogs as a method to deter and catch criminals. General purpose guard dogs have acutely trained senses and it becomes almost impossible for an intruder to pass by undetected when a dog is on watch. Guard dogs security services can even train a guard dog to attack even without a command.

Another well documented benefit of the dogs are their powerful noses. A dog has a sense of smell that is 2000 times more sensitive than that of humans, so they make excellent drug seekers. Dogs can pick up on a scent over long distances and means they're still a very effective way to track criminals.

Not only that but that nose can be trained to pick up on the smell of explosives and many dogs are involved in explosive searches. The dogs can be taught to detect and indicate the presence of a wide range of substances including: Semtex, C4, TNT, Ammonia Nitrate, Firearms and Ammunition, as well as a whole host of others.

Guard dogs security is important now as it ever was, as demonstrated by Camden Council's guard dogs London scheme. Police and security services are not forgetting about the relevancy of dog security, so you should not be either.