Guaranteed Cure For Depression and Neurosis

Until today, many people are still suffering from diseases for which the cure has already been discovered but not yet learned by everyone. This is the case of people who suffer from depression and neurosis.

The solution for their problems has already been discovered a long time ago by the famed psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung, but his work has not been properly evaluated. When I continued his research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere, I could see its content and simplify Jung’s method of deciphering dreams, which I proved in my scientific book as the only method which is the absolutely correct one.

Through dream interpretation, everyone can be surely cured: neurotic individuals who have only begun to have problems due to the invasion of the wild conscience into their human conscience and depressed individuals who are only starting to feel depressed because they have not developed all their psychological functions. Even if their depression is provoked by tragic events or irrecoverable losses, they can surely find support and therapy through dream interpretation.

Everything depends mainly on the patients’ attitude. If they follow the guidance they receive in their dreams to a tee, their psychotherapy is guaranteed. This is a statement that any psychiatrist or psychologist would be very afraid to make, but I can assure you that anyone who suffers only from neurosis or depression can be surely cured through dream analysis if they respect the guidance they receive and change their behaviour accordingly because I have seen the content of the unknown region of our psychic sphere and, therefore, I know the exact danger in any psychotherapy, what can be possibly achieved, what can be surely achieved and what one shall not even try to achieve because it is really impossible.

Impossibilities are encountered only in cases where we notice that the patient’s human conscience was completely destroyed by the wild side of their conscience. Even when it does happen, some patients can possibly recover their human conscience partially or even completely if they accept the indispensable suffering necessary. These are the psychotic and the schizophrenic patients. Hysterical patients can also be cured through dream interpretation albeit not as easily as neurotics and depressed individuals, but their cure can also be guaranteed if they follow the instructions they receive.

Psychotic and schizophrenic patients could be better helped and almost completely cured without the difficulty that we usually find when treating these cases. However, they do not cooperate with their doctor and are so aggressive that the psychotherapist has to be extremely patient with them and also wait for a really long time until he observes some progress in their behavior. Other factors like their environment and the people who take care of them can also have a decisive rule in their recuperation since their behavior varies according to the treatment they receive. If they are over-protected by their relatives or if their evolution is blocked and their disease is overcome with medicine, which doesn’t help them react positively but only subdues their reactions to a non-violent level, they have no chance to fight against the domination of their wild side.

However, even though the recuperation of these patients is a very sad attempt, the recuperation of depressed and neurotic patients is not only possible but also quite easy if compared with the difficulties we find in the psychotherapy of psychotic and schizophrenic patients by using the same method.

The guarantee I give is based on the recuperation of many people with very serious depression and neuroses that also affected their body and caused somatic diseases. Of course, I emphasize on the necessity of the patient’s cooperation.

If the patient does not take notes of his or her dreams and doesn’t follow the guidance received, nothing can be done. If, however, he or she pays attention to the guidance and follows it with seriousness, there is no doubt that the patient will solve all his problems in a period of time that varies from 8-12 months, depending only on the patient’s attitude in the case of depressed individuals and also on the percentage of the destruction of the human conscience, in case of neurotics.