Growth Hormone Effects

 Growth  hormone effects vary widely. According to history, centuries ago, explorer Ponce de Leon sought in vain for a Fountain of Youth. Even today, consumers browse the shops, browse through a wave of television commercials, internet radio, and surf the Internet for an elixir to help maintain a lean, strong and wrinkle-free skin. Some sellers of modern pills and sprays claim to have found the fountain of youth in a substance known as HGH (Human  Growth  Hormone). With so much bombardment of all types of products and brands on the market, there are several myths, misconceptions and false assumptions related to  growth  hormone effects. True  growth  hormone effects will be discussed below:

Remember that your pituitary gland does produce HGH in the body. While taking HGH does not affect the gland. This may increase the function of the pituitary. There is no evidence that HGH can be effectively absorbed through the mouth. The best way, therefore, would be taking something that could really affect and stimulate the pituitary gland to naturally release HGH.

Some people say another one of  growth  hormone effects is increase in height. This hypothesis or myth is not at all true. Although HGH affects height and body size (particularly in developing countries under the age of 21), no study has shown that the use of HGH in any way can really help you grow tall after you’ve already reached the maximum height. Remember that our height stops increasing at around age 21 due to joining of the ends of bones in our body’s different joints. Some people, however, do grow until age 25. These are only rare exceptions.

HGH is not always safe and safety is actually due to a variety of factors such as age, disease state and other physiological factors. With HGH injection or capsules, for example, one can have serious consequences like hypertension, high cholesterol and several other physiological side effects as well.

Steroids (as hormones) belong to an entirely different class of hormones that work differently and are structured in different ways. Steroids are mainly taken to improve physical strength and fitness. Meanwhile  growth  hormone effects increase in  growth . Another big difference between anabolic steroids and HGH is the fact that HGH is much easier to absorb, without the need to inject. In addition, unlike HGH, steroids have no “anti-aging” power and long-term use is associated with adverse effects that are more frequent and severe when compared with HGH.

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