Green Tea – Does it Really Lower Blood Sugar?

Does green tea lower blood sugar? This is a question asked quite frequently by sufferers of diabetes. About 60 years ago a university doctor discovered something very interesting in hospitalised patients during the traditional tea ceremony. He noticed that the blood sugar of patients went down during this time and returned to normal shortly after the ceremony.

He wrote a report on this but due to the outbreak of World War II it was ignored and was not picked up afterward because of the post war food shortages; however, in recent years it has been found that diabetes in Japan is growing and as a result an interest in the effects green tea has on lowering the blood sugar is increasing.

Why should diabetes concern you? Well, sugars are digested mainly by the duodenum where they are converted to glucose and absorbed into the blood, insulin regulates the intake of blood sugar into the tissue. Diabetes is the name given to the improper function or lack of insulin in the body which hinders the absorption of glucose into the system and leads to high concentrations of blood sugar which must be eliminated from the body.

If the blood sugars are not eliminated then eventually the vascular system will be affected leading to other more serious diseases such as atherosclerosis and retinal hemorrhages.

Recent animal studies suggest that green tea may help to prevent the onset of type 1 diabetes and slow it down if it ever takes a hold. But what makes it work? The studies found that it contains high levels of catechins and polysaccharides, it's these two constituents that help to naturally lower blood sugar.

The Japanese drink about four to six cups a day to help prevent diabetes, this is about the recommended dosage to help reap the benefits of this natural dietary supplement. Over here in the west the most common form is green tea extract found in supplements.

In order to reap even greater benefits it should be taken along with other complimentary natural nutrients. When combined properly for the greatest reward you have what is called a synergy.

Having done lots of research on this matter in my opinion the answer to the original question, does green tea lower blood sugar? I'd have to say a resounding yes. If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of synergies, the best way to take green tea, visit my website.