Government Takeover: It Ain’t Over Yet

Evolutionaries Still Don’t Hear The Voters’ Clear Message

It’s been over a century since the “progressive” movement took hold in America. Since then, the movement has sought not to overthrow the country through “revolution,” but through “evolution.” One small move at a time. A new entitlement program here, a liberty withdrawn there. The ultimate goal is to erode the free-market libertarian republic and replace it with another socialist state wherein the smart government leaders ensure that no one is “left behind” – and that no one can get ahead.

This evolutionary process has proceeded steadily for decades, with some steps “forward” larger than others, and with occasional checks on its “progress.” One such check was the conservative ascendency that swept away the progressive Jimmy Carter and established Ronald Reagan as the nation’s conservative leader in 1980. Since Reagan’s departure, though, the evolution has resumed, with a giant leap forward in 2006 with the liberal takeover of Congress, and again in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama.

For the last two years, the liberal government, now in control of the entire federal lawmaking apparatus, has pressed the pedal to the metal on this evolution. It’s been like the accelerated evolutions you see in fun sci-fi movies like Star Trek II… except that the movie’s “Genesis Effect” rapidly grew life, while the liberal lawmakers have grown debt and spending at break-neck speed, ramming their agenda through with ethically-questionable methods when necessary.

One week ago, U.S. voters sent an overwhelmingly loud and clear message to the government that repudiated the evolutionaries’ agenda. With the largest gains in the House of Representatives by any party for many decades, gains in the Senate that reduced the Democrat majority to a razor-thin margin, and massive gains in state legislatures and governorships that may be the largest in history, the Tea Party movement was able to give the Democrats’ competitors a huge mandate to stop the “progress.” One can’t imagine a more clear message from the grass roots.

But the Democrats still don’t hear it.

With the exception of Fox News and conservative talk radio, the U.S. media has largely shrugged off the historic magnitude of the election’s results. And in the past week, the liberal airwaves have been filled with unbelievable tone-deafness from pundits and lawmakers alike. Some have said that the election was not a reflection in any way on Obamacare, stimulus packages, financial takeover, or tax-and-spend policies at all. The left in America still thinks their agenda is popular with the people.

Wow. Hard to believe, unless you view the progressive reaction to last week’s landslide in historical context. See, liberals understand evolution. They realize their efforts to march the nation toward socialism will occasionally be slowed, even paused. So this is just a pause, in their view. You, as a voter, are not ultimately going to stand in their way.

Progressives will continue to undermine the free market until socialism looks like the only viable option. They’ll continue their infiltration and influence of our major institutions, including government (both parties), media, entertainment, religion, and academe. Eventually, their storyline goes, it isn’t they who’ll get your message but you who’ll get theirs. You are not exceptional among nations. You are entitled to your share of the government largess… but you are not entitled to anything more. You will not starve to death. And you will not get rich.

So this ain’t over, gentle reader. We have much more work to do. It’ll take continued political energy, which means we will have to continue paying attention to what our government’s trying to get away with even when we’d rather be paying attention to our own lives. It’ll take continued communication energy; we have to keep making the case for the free market, for liberty, and for American Exceptionalism as the world’s last best hope. We have to rally for the chance to get rich, because when free people have a real chance to build wealth, they comprise the most prolific economic engine ever known to man… and they carry on their backs all those unfortunate souls who have to labor under the central planning and quotas of socialism in the world’s other countries.

Here are the three best things you can do to do your part to halt the “progress.” Start a business on the side, so you can protect yourself from layoffs and give yourself a chance to build wealth. Get healthy, so you can avoid reliance on government health care for as long as possible. And get a real education about the global progressive-led conspiracy against wealth, so you can have something left with which you can help your family and neighbors after the coming global economic crisis.

The erudite progressives who populate our prominent institutions don’t believe in you. They think you will never “get it.” I certainly hope you never do! We will have a very hard time reversing the decades of evolution with which they’ve cursed us, but we can vote them off the island. With any luck, they’ll lament our lack of sophistication and vision for years to come – from the distance of their own retirements.