Got a Sore Throat? Try These Natural Remedies

Almost everyone has suffered from sore throat at one time or another. For many of us this unpleasant experience occurs more than once a year. This particular infection can be viral or bacterial, however, majority of the time it is a contagious viral infection. Some of the contagious viral infections include a cold, flu, and mononucleosis. Although the bacterial throat infections have to be cured with doctor prescribed medications, the viral infections can be treated by many successful at home remedies.

One of the oldest and the most trusted ways in relieving sore throat is with apple cider vinegar. Many people gargle with this concoction upon experiencing the initial uncomfortable aches. Several times per day will usually do the trick. This natural remedy tends to ease the pain almost immediately. Another great remedy for reducing throat pain comes from the consumption of garlic. Many people swear by this technique as it relieves the pain almost instantly by coating the throat and soothing the soreness. However, some people are comfortable with simply cutting a garlic clove into little slices and eating it plain. An alternative way would be to make the garlic clove into a paste and place it on a sandwich. This way the burning effect is not as strong.

And a third and final remedy in reducing throat pain comes from cayenne pepper. Numerous people swear by this technique. You can gargle with the product or add it to your tea or coffee. There are many different recipes available online, so if you don’t like cayenne pepper with your coffee, you might find something else that you won’t mind drinking. So the next time you are suffering from a viral sore throat infection, try applying some of these natural remedies.