Good Vaginal Care and Relief Suggestions


Sometimes when you have vaginal issues, overall good vaginal care can go a long way in helping you minimize your problems “down under”. Vulva problems come in with many unpleasant symptoms like itching, burning with urination, discharge, painful intercourse, etc. There could be a number of culprits for your problems like itching yeast, bacterial vaginosis, trich, lichen sclerosus, eczema and many more. Sometimes the condition is so generalized that it is difficult to determine what is causing it and the problem is still diagnosed as vulvodynia. While it is difficult to live with vaginal issues, there are some simple but good vaginal tips that you can follow to ease your discomfort.

Hygiene – If you want to avoid irritation in the vaginal area as much as possible, always use lukewarm or cool water with nothing in it. Avoid bubble baths and female products as they can bring on burning and increased sensitivity. A good vaginal product that is recommended for sensitive skin is Cetaphil cleanser. However, remember that it is best to wash your vulva with cool or lukewarm water only.

Sexual Intercourse – If you want to have a pleasant intercourse, use a lubricant that is water soluble. Also, cooking oil can be used but keep in mind that it can break the effectiveness of the condom (in case you are using one). A good vaginal anesthetic to use in order to prevent pain is Lidocaine (5%) however the medication may sting for the first three to five minutes and may reduce your sexual sensitivity a little during the intercourse. It is best to avoid intercourse in cases of itching yeast infections. In addition, always remember to rinse the vulva with cool water after intercourse and apply a cool pack of ice for pain relief if needed.

Physical Exercise – While exercising is always great, you should try to avoid activities that put direct pressure on the vulva area (for example, horseback riding or bicycle riding). If you have irritation or persistent itching yeast infections, you should try to avoid swimming in highly chlorinated pools.

Good vaginal care is an integral part of women’s health and should be taken seriously just as nutritious eating, regular physical activity and good mental health.