Good To Cure Stomach Acid Problems Naturally

Stomach acid is very essential to the human body. The food that is consumed is acted upon in the stomach by an acid called gastric acid. It is broken down and digested to be absorbed by the body. At times, this gastric acid may cause problems leading to digestive disorders. If the level of gastric acid is more, it will result in gastric ulcers or heartburn. People begin to experience some discomfort in the chest region which may subside after taking antacids. It is a burning sensation that occurs periodically.

Proton pump inhibitors are drugs that will stop acid production in the stomach and thereby reduce stomach pressure. This will result in less gastric reflux and the amount of heartburn is minimized finally. The major problem with proton pump inhibitors is that they stop calcium that is found in the food from being absorbed into the body.

Therefore, the amount of calcium in the body is reduced. When the body requires calcium, it will draw from teeth and bones. This results in osteoporosis which is a disease condition. The bone mineral density is reduced making the bones brittle and prone to fractures.

The drugs stop our digestive system from digesting our foods in a timely fashion, and the longer your food stays in your stomach, the more stomach pressure and problems you will have. This leads to other medical problems like increased acidity level, etc.

A poor diet combined with several stress factors will also alter the level of stomach acid there by resulting in gastric problems. Consumption of meat and spicy foods will increase acidity in the stomach. Less intake of fruits and vegetables will also impair the stomach acid level. This will ultimately lead to gastritis which is very painful and causes uncomfortable sensations in the individuals.

One of the tests for determining acidity is by using the litmus paper. This can be done at home. Litmus paper is available at all health food stores.

Your test result should be around 7.3 to 7.4 which is slightly alkaline. The test should be done in the morning when you get up and again in the evening before you retire.