Good Health Is Good Wealth

Good health as they say is always in your hands but one must know that it takes a lot of hard work to be in good health. For you to have less problems with your health you will simply have to check on the following three things and they are;

• Food

• Exercise

• Rest

These are the three most important areas that you must attend to. Now first and foremost you must know that your body is very intelligent and thus you must have a schedule worked out for it to operate with. The schedule you make should contain what you have planned to feed your body physically, mentally and spiritually. You will have to stick to this schedule religiously if you desire to see positive results. Ensure that each activity that you are to engage in has its time set apart.

The heart is the engine of your body and therefore when it is weak it will not perform its duties as required. For you to address your heart you will have to do some cardiovascular exercises and you do not have to go to an expensive gym for this one simply buy some good running shoes and you will be having a better heart with a light body. This is because running is very instrumental when it comes to making the whole body lose weight uniformly. Jogging is also advised and you can do this for fifteen minutes every day. This is a simple exercise that can keep away complicated health problems.

It is said that old is gold and when it comes to real good working out then nothing can beat push-ups and press ups. This will build your resistance and tone your upper body. This simply means that there will be no unhealthy fat in your body. Not only that but your body becomes flexible and is not prone to serious injuries from accidents that we can call simple. Now there is no doubt that you are what you are as a result of the activities you did in the past and if you did not eat healthy do not expect to be healthy. If there is a disease that has gradually caught up with us it is obesity. People are throwing away healthy food and substituting it with oily and fatty foods that end up clogging our arteries. Of course when you are below twenty five you will not realize this soon but things will get worse for you as you enter your forties because your body will start saying no and start shutting down till you get a heart attack. Do you have to wait for this ugly scenario to take place? No. prevention is better than cure therefore avoid the unhealthy foods and instead of pizza try cooking for yourself sometime. It will not kill you but ordering a lot of fries and burgers will.

Enough with the food and exercise, one thing that many health experts tend not to cover is sex. Sex is good and really wonderful but nowadays sex has lost all its decency. People are getting infected with STI’S and this is something that affects your health. It is therefore important to have a responsible sex life and all will go well. Last of all rest when you feel worn out so that you can regenerate your energy because after all is said and done you will become healthy, wealthy and wise.