Golden Rutilated Quartz – The Crystal of Wealth and Decision-Making

Rutilated Quartz

Chakra: The third wheel-Maripura sun wheel in the center of the solar plexus

Rarity: Not Always Available

Titanium Rutilated crystal is in one of transparent rock crystal with the needle (for the shape of Venus’s golden hair, so another name for Golden Rutilated) or a plate made of titanium minerals wire, titanium oxide crystal was shining after the gold, is the most precious crystal. Part of the selection of crystal clear and transparent when no clouds or Binglie shape, thick and golden hair shining, neat attached to beauty products as well as. Origin has been discontinued now heard, because very few in appearance and lovable, but also the highest price the market crystal, which gradually replace the status of white crystal, crystal in the industry as the king.

Yellow shade corresponds to the sun wheel, stomach and other digestive organs can help, on the stomach, duodenum, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, or skin, diaphragm (respiratory) are also said to help other Rutilated frequency pole strong, highly effective, thyroid disease, respiratory disease, bronchitis and colds, and even have heart palpitations heartache help, partial financial wealth are being recruited, an exceptionally strong magnetic field! But when talisman, lucky charm use particularly auspicious to worship Buddha.

In particular, they have to keep working at night, or out of gas for various gas disease places a heavy man, say the medical establishment, cemetery, etc., or special place of business, there are evil spirits melt the ghost, the effect of good luck, witchcraft, or some is a low-level spiritual body has to resolve the interference effect. on the indecisive, hesitant, weak-minded person of enterprise, but also to strengthen its decisive decision making, and increase the usefulness of courage bold, especially leaders often make decisions or executives, wearing titanium crystal, and close to the solar plexus, decision-making capacity will be more lead, and lead with the opening of its Innovation Council, the career achievements of extraordinary achievements.