Go For Acupuncture to Treat Your Infertility


Acupuncture origin from China, everyone knows that. It basically works because it could induce hormones like endorphins to be produced for the wellbeing of patients. These hormones help antibodies to fight germs and infections. But what many people do not know is that acupuncture it is also relatively effective to treat infertility, usually together with herbal concoctions.

It is useful too for men who have erectile dysfunction, lousy sperm quality and low sperm count.

A study carried out in the United States in 2004 revealed that ladies who underwent IVF (in vitro fertilization) for fertility only had a 36 percent success rate. When combined with acupuncture, the figure shot up to 51 percent.

The study also found that those who underwent IVF had a 20 percent chance of miscarriage or still birth. But when IVF is used together with acupuncture, the rate dropped to only 8 percent.

Using acupuncture to treat infertility is most effective is the cause of the problem is a functional one. For example, the woman is suffering from endometriosis infertility, hormonal infertility or follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) infertility. It will not work with blocked fallopian tubes.

In Chinese medicine, the belief is that when infertility occurs, it is most likely due to blocked energy flow in the body. The cold and heat system is not in equilibrium, and there is insufficiency blood.

When treating a woman who has infertility problems, the acupuncturists will treat the individual in a holistic manner, unlike in Western medicine where they treat the illness. Chinese sensei holds the opinion that when the overall health of their patient is restored, all problems disappear with it.

In instances where acupuncture can not treat infertility, it may still be used in addition to other fertility methods because of its (acupuncture) ability to regulate blood circulation and menstrual cycle and improve the quality of the ovum released.

Because traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their pros and cons, many doctors have been able to harness the strength of both treatment methods to treat their patients with great success.