GMP Auditing and Sports Nutrition Supplements

The sports nutrition industry is growing at a phenomenal rate as men and women look for ways to boost their energy and get better results without having to put in twice the effort. There are some certified products that can help athletes or regular gym goers before, during and after exercise however they are dwarfed by the number of illegal products which have not been through GMP auditing and as such may present a health risk to the people who use them.

However, there are signs that health regulators are now starting to turn their attention to the sports nutrition industry and many products are being investigated. If a product is found to be in compliance with FDA and GMP rules then the regulators would encourage the manufacturers to acquire the necessary licenses and permission necessary to market their products legally. When unsafe products are being manufactured knowingly and the public’s health is being put at risk all in the search for a quick buck, the producers will be heavily punished by the relevant authorities. This is the same as in the dietary supplements industry.

Most manufacturers of sports nutrition products are happy that the authorities are demanding better quality and GMP auditing will be used along the entire supply chain to ensure that every ingredient and process complies with the good manufacturing practices. The growth behind the industry comes down to a growth in the audience for the products themselves. Not long ago it was only bodybuilders and hardcore athletes who were taking sports nutrition products. Now, the regular gym goer and those who complete regular exercise are taking them as a way to boost energy and give their efforts better results. So long as GMP auditing and compliance is ensured, there is no reason why consumers should not use the products.