Giving a Stray Animal a Home

Recently i felt the need in my life for a little more companionship in my life from an animal of some type.

I was then left with the decision,what animal would best suit my personal circumstances and be the best companion for me in my circumstances.

As a person who works full time i decided to opt that a dog was not suitable for me and also the animals welfare so i decided to opt for a cat instead.I was then left at the crossroads in my morals either to buy a cat from a breeder or give a stray or abandoned animal a home.

I decided to opt for a cat from an animal sanctuary which i have never looked back on since. I visited a local animal sanctuary and was shown many different abandoned or stray cats which made me sad in a way as i could only house one animal.

All the staff at the sanctuary were extremely helpful in assisting me in choosing the correct animal for me. I finally made my decision on a lovely tabby white cat which had been abandoned and had been in the home for a year.The animal had been left on a residents doorstep one night in a cardboard box and was handed into the sanctuary when found the next morning.

I was required to fill in some short documents about myself and we arranged a home visit for the home to observe my surrounding and ensure that that the animal would get a loving home.

I had the home visit which only took twenty minutes of my time and i was left the cat so we could start getting to know each other straight away.It was lovely to see the animal accustom itself to my home and get to know me and i would never do without him now.

To anyone wanting a pet i would strongly recommend giving a home to a stray or abandoned animal, read my article on my experience and see for yourself how this could be you in the same circumstances.