Gist is now curable as medical science made it possible


Gist is a stomach tumor which is called as gastrointestinal stromal tumors. It is very dangerous disease belongs to a group of cancers called soft tissue sarcomas. The name cancer itself can threaten us and if it is related with the stomach then it can be understood how dangerous it would be? In earlier time it was impossible to fight against such dangerous diseases but now in this growing world nothing is impossible because science has made everything possible. The term Gist was first used in 1983 by Mazur and Clark but in 1998 Hirota described about the cause and concrescences of the gastrointestinal stromal tumors.

Gist is a tumor in different shape and size which gradually increase with the time and in critical cases it can burst and spread poison in the body. Primarily gist can occur anywhere in the stomach and it frequently spreads from the original site to distant locations. When gist spread to the liver it is called gist tumor and very much different from the liver cancer. With the development of the many therapies and pathology experts the tumor and its type can be detected. Gist is a very typical type of cancer which is caused either from the cells called interstitial cells of cajal (ICCs) or from less differentiated stem cells or precursor cells that can develop in to ICCs. This infected cell directly affects to the digestive system of the body and makes the person week. Gist generally occurs after the age of 50 and it is the genetic diseases which has no relation from your diet and the life style choices.

Initially the Gist don’t show any remarkable symptoms but when its size increases then the body feels the increased mass in the stomach, many digestive problems arises and the person get tired soon. There are different treatment for the different stages of the Gist and each stage treatment undergone with different strategies. At initial level the treatment is done on the basis of the surgery where the patient is operated and the tumor is taken out from the body but if the size of the tumor is remarkable then it can be cured by the medicines. Now a day’s medical science has improved a lot and many other Treatments are available for the Gist where the patients need not to pay a large amount on the operations and the pain they got during that.

Like Many other cancers like skin cancer, blood cancer, prostate cancer etc the Gist is also very dangerous and leads person to the death but to be aware about the cause and the concrescences of the Gist and its proper treatment a person can be cured and can live a healthy life. We would be thankful to the medical science that it provided such advance and tremendous medical facilities that saves a person from the dreadful diseases like cancer.