Ginko Biloba and Green Tea Gives You Great Protection

Ginko biloba and green tea when taken together give you a great protective role against all kinds of nasty aging diseases. Some of the benefits that green tea is known for is its prevention to skin cancer caused through sunburn. This is good news for anyone who likes the sun but it is not only the risk of cancer that should keep you out of the sun. The UV radiation of the sun soon makes your skin look old and leathery as it dries out the moisture in your cells.

It is the polyphenols in green tea that are the antioxidant that is believed to play the major role in this protection You can also benefit in other ways from taking green tea as it is known to be effective in treating stomach disorders, vomiting and diarrohea. Ginko biloba on the other hand has amazing protection against developing Alzheimer's disease and strokes and some research on it also shows that it increases cerebral blood flow to the brain.

I am sure that you can see the benefits of taking these two specialized nutrients, ginko biloba and green tea, but when you take them together their effectiveness is compounded by their synergistic effect. A friend introduced me to some supplements that actually have not only decaffeinated green tea extract and ginko biloba but over 70 life enhancing nutrients to give your body exceptionally good protection against the ravages of aging.

I love taking this supplement and I have noticed that my energy levels have increased since I started taking them. I wonder now why it took me so long before I tried them out. Any I now know first hand the benefits of taking ginko biloba and green tea together to help give optimal health. And it's great!

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