Gilera scooter London

Gilera was founded in early 1900s by an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Giuseppe Gilera, in Arcore(a small city in the Province of Milan). In 1935 Gilera purchased rights to the Rondine four-cylinder engine and later this formed the basis for Gilera’s racing machines. From the mid-thirties it started developing a series of four-stroke engine machines that had engines ranging from 100 to 500 cc, the most known of which was the 1939 Saturno.

Gilera motorcycles dominated Grand Prix motorcycle racing for 8 years after the World War II and during that period, it won 500cc road racing world championship 6 times. In 1955, the brand faced acute financial strains due to decrease in popularity of two wheelers after the war and had to downsize its production. At this stage, the owner Giuseppe Gilera decided to quit the Grand Prix racing competitions.

Later, the firm was sold to Piaggio Group which was manufacturing over 30 different models of scooters, bikes, motorcycles and mopeds and employed over 5,000 employees at that time. Piaggio rose to heights in 1970s when the Western and European countries were rocked by the revolutionary ideas of the new generation. Piaggio was very efficient in marketing its ‘fashionable’ image at that time and its scooters were successfully used in a number of movies, including the romantic flick ‘Roman Holiday’.

Gilera made a return to the Grand Prix arena in 1992 and till now Piaggio continues to produce small-displacement motorcycles with the Gilera. Its scooters are rightly known as the beasts of the road as each of the Gilera Runner scooter versions comes equipped with powerful disk brakes, liquid cooled engines and sporty paintwork. It’s tough frame, burning acceleration and breathtaking pick-ups give the rider a look of the winner. These features make the Gilera a performance oriented scooter which evokes the thrills of the racetrack. All the Gilera scooters meet the Euro 2 emission standards.