Gift Picker – Learn How to Choose Wisely


Have you been designated gift picker for someone by your mate, mom, dad, sister, brother, great aunt, Fido the dog, or maybe just yourself? Do not despair. Being a gift picker can be great fun, especially if it means the fruit of your work will make someone happy. It's a great time to be creative about picking out something the recipient will enjoy and appreciate. Think relaxation. Go for something that the gift receiver will not expect, something that will force them to relax. After all in this fast paced, leave no time for ourselves world, sometimes we need a little push to take the time for ourselves.

As a gift picker you may very well hold in your hands the ability to snap someone out of the funk of routine, and help them lapse into a temporary world of rest and relaxation. Allowing them to morph into a state of bliss, if just for a short period of time, is sure to invite gratitude. Massage, aromatherapy, a spa getaway, the possibilities are endless. Maybe something as gastronomically pleasing as it is therapeutic, like chamomile tea, or any assortment of bedtime teas. Receiving a gift like that would make anyone who is stressed out, or suffering from a bout of insomnia, thankful to have you as a friend.

Consider tossing all those items into a gift basket. A sort of catacomb of all things relaxing is sure to be appreciated. It is something as pretty on the outside as it is satisfying on the inside. A basket full of fun items one would not normally buy for themselves; Spoiled with something lush and opulent. See, is not it fun being a gift picker. This is your chance to pull off something big that will be appreciated for years.

As a gift picker, choose a well-appointed gift, a gift set catering to discriminating tastes. Take the opportunity to show how much you care through generosity. Different retailers put different things into their insomnia gift bags, but some common items are: exotic herbal sleep teas, a truly plush, decadent robe like the ones found in fancy hotels all over the world, Bling H20 water masked in beautiful museum quality glass bottles Encrusted with Swarovski crystals, a comfy lavender bath pillow, soothing aromatherapy eye mask, relaxation music CD, best-selling books and various bath and body spa items that will make it or her feel like a movie star.