GI Diet Facts


The Ethos of the GI Diet is a simple one: To eat a healthy balanced diet, that is easy to follow and you never feel hungry. Great eh?


The system is divided into traffic light symbols.Green means you can eat as much of these foods as you want. Fill up on many vegetables, salads and some fruits. yellow you eat in moderation, but this can include some cereals, spreads and pulses, red you guessed it – these are the "no-no's"! Unrefined sugar, candy, cakes, cookies – that sort of thing.


I have had gastric band surgery. However, directly after the operation the weight loss was very slow. My consultant established, through various expensive tests, that there was a problem with the way my body absorbed carbohydrates. Basically, I had eaten too many carbs over time and my body was not able to distinguish between carbs and other foods, so everything I ate was actually rated as carb, causing an insulin problem. The consultant suggested that I try the GI diet. This, in conjunction with the surgery made me lose over 40lbs in my first 6 weeks. Even now, when I need a boost, I revert to this diet.


So, what about treats, goodies, candy, CHOCOLATE !? Do not be alarmed! There are various low carb chocolates and cigarettes available. Some are so fundamental that they can be used as meal substitutes. Some are better than others, but it really is a question of personal taste. I particularly liked the Atkins Bars. They were very filling and handy to keep with me in case of emergencies.